Google Merchant Center Managed Service (Violations)

A GMC violation can bring your eCommerce business to a grinding halt, especially if it results in your account being suspended. With the growing complexity of requirements, policies, errors, and warnings, Solutions 8 can help you manage your account and avoid potential violations like a pro.

Benefits of Solutions 8 Google Ads GMC Managed Service:

What is a GMC policy violation?

If you have ever received an email from Google warning you about your Merchant Center Account, you understand how frustrating a GMC policy violation issue can be. 


In a nutshell, if Google believes you are not properly adhering to the Shopping policies and requirements laid out in its Terms of Service, your account will be flagged and an email will arrive letting you know you’re in the hot seat. 


And if the potential violations aren’t fixed within a specific period of time? Google may start disapproving items in your product feed, which may lead to a suspension of your GMC account


Bottom line: GMC violations can cause your sales to plummet, so it’s imperative that you take steps to fix them immediately.


Why We Don’t Offer Discounts

You wouldn’t be a good business owner if you didn’t ask for a discount. But here’s the thing – our business revolves around humans, not products. 

Because we’re in the labor business, our agency is based on the prowess and proficiency of people. 

Even though we hire the best of the best, our resources are not scalable. And with the number of leads we have right now, there are only so many accounts our resources can take. 

Charging less means limiting our resources and putting a cap on your business’ growth. 

If your budget stops you from growing your business, this might be what you need.

White Label PPC Services

Are you an agency that's looking to add more value to your clients without doing all the hard work?

Our white Label services let you provide premium Google Ads white Label services to your clients, at a reduced cost.

What You Get:


20% off of our retail price. Rather than spending time and money on research, training, and manpower, we take care of all your PPC advertising efforts while you take advantage of expert Google Ads services. 


Complete Google Ads services. From launching to managing your clients’ campaigns, we do nearly everything except connecting with your client. 


Dedicated account manager to help you field questions as well as offer insights and thought leadership. If a client ever asks you a question you’re not sure of the answer to, it’s as simple as saying, “Let me check with my team!”


No client interaction. We won’t connect with your clients or join any client-facing sales or strategy calls. 


No personal or business accounts. All management is handled through our white label (non-branded) accounts; this allows us to follow our well-defined processes as well as ensure the proper layer of checks and balances.

Requirements: Minimum of 3 clients. 90-day commitment for all new clients.


You handle your clients, we handle the work. 

The problem? Identifying the product(s) in violation can be a daunting task.

Some merchants go back and forth for weeks trying to figure out which products are sending up red flags. 


On top of that, Google’s assistance in the matter is often vague and unhelpful. Instead of providing any clear details about the issue, they typically advise merchants to go back and review their policies in order to make the necessary changes. 


The good news? Here at Solutions 8, we’ve seen it all. 


Flagged for Misrepresentation? (This is a big one.) Inaccurate information about product price or availability? Wrong category name? Issues with product titles, descriptions, and images? 


We’ve got you covered.

Let Solutions 8 improve your Google Shopping performance.

Our experts are highly trained in Google Shopping policies and requirements. In addition to identifying and resolving your GMC account issues, Solutions 8 will safeguard your account to avoid potential warnings and suspensions in the future.

We would love to hear more about your business and your needs. 


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