Hiring Google Ads Client Manager

What we’re looking for:


We need a new Client Manager! This is a remote (work from home) position.


The foundation of our work is client relationships. We treat our clients like respected family members and it’s important to have empathetic people who are willing to go-to-bat for the best interest of their clients.


At the same time, you need to have a good working understanding with Google Ads so you are able to easily converse with the technical team, answer client questions, help troubleshoot problems, and assist with campaign strategy. You don’t need to build or manage the campaigns, but you need to translate campaign performance to the client. You will also need to relay the clients’ goals to the team in order to help create the best optimizations for overall campaign performance.


This unique mix of right brain (client relationship building and developing trust) and left brain (campaign strategy and data analysis) skills makes client managers an exceptionally unique group of people. They are the lifeblood of our organization and we’re looking to find more wonderful team members who can help us grow!


The ideal candidate:


Google Ads: Experience with Google Ads is required. You are not expected to run Google Ads campaigns (those are run by our account specialists). However, you need to know Google Ads well enough to help influence strategy as well as be the conduit between our account specialists and clients. Ideally, applicants will have a minimum of 2  years experience in Google Ads or digital marketing.


Client Management: The core of your job is relationship building. You need to be a person that cares deeply about helping businesses grow. That means managing expectations, being clear in your communication, and being willing to coach clients. You also need to be comfortable with challenging conversations and have the ability to diffuse tense situations and the foresight to navigate around potential pitfalls.


✔ Strategy: Learning the in’s and out’s of each of your clients’ businesses to understand what they sell, who they sell to, etc. is critical to help guide them towards strategies that help their ad campaigns foster growth. If their website is poorly optimized, this means coming up with solutions and suggestions as to what they can be doing better. If their campaigns are suffering, this means problem-solving and generating potential optimizations that could be implemented. 


✔ Problem solving: The cardinal sin at our company is asking someone a question you could have solved yourself. We need people who are willing to “figure it out” and don’t mind rolling up their sleeves. That doesn’t mean however,  that you don’t have support. You have access to some of the smartest minds around and sharing that knowledge is highly encouraged.


Successful Client Manager personality profile:


Motivated by growth, and framed with empathy, you are skilled, pragmatic, and your focus on achievement and relationship development can help those around you accomplish goals. You speak directly and make decisions quickly. You like to take charge in a situation and explore worthwhile, effective solutions. Your determination and confidence make you a strong leader.


Important personality traits:  



What energizes you:


Ambitious goals
Professional growth
Competition & winning



Make sure you’re comfortable with:

• Remote working. This is a remote (work from home) position.
• All roles are contract based (1099).
• All job offers start with a 60-day training period to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other.


Salary & growth opportunities:


• Pay increases are available based upon reaching certain client thresholds and milestones. 

• Client managers also have the opportunity to transition into Senior Client Manager positions inside their respective team assignments as well as potential for moving into Strategy or even Leadership roles over time.

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