Solutions 8 Founder Kasim Aslam Shares the Secret of Google Ads Success on the “SMART Businesses Do This” Podcast with Adam Lyons

Last updated by Pamela Sapio, May 25, 2022

With 72 million demographic and psychographic profiling factors, Google is hands down the BEST marketing tool available to your business—provided you know how to use it. 

In case you missed it, Solutions 8 Founder & CEO Kasim Aslam recently joined Adam Lyons on the “SMART Businesses Do This” podcast to talk about what it takes to be successful with Google Ads today. 

Give it a listen here.

You know Solutions 8 as the #1 Google Ads agency on the planet, but it may surprise you to know that we actually started out as a full-funnel digital marketing agency. 

Over time, however, it was our Chief Strategist John Moran who identified the prowess of Google and pointed out that all of the clients who were successful with Solutions 8 were successful with Google first … and that made perfect sense. 

According to Kasim, “If you can be successful in Google Ads, it means that your messaging resonates with your audience.” Why? Because Google Ads is the closest to the bottom of the funnel—meaning it’s the strongest indication of intent we have.

And now, with the introduction of Performance Max, Google is an even more powerful paid advertising tool. Performance Max is a goal-based, audience-oriented campaign (instead of keyword or network-targeted) and it’s proving to be a game changer.

Join Adam and Kasim to find out more about how Google Ads works in 2022, and why running Performance Max campaigns is an absolute must to grow and scale your business. 

Take me to the podcast.

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