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Why Marketing Consultation Matters

Why Marketing Consultation Matters

Developing and executing a profitable marketing strategy plays a critical role in the success of every business. However, marketing looks a lot different now than it did just a few decades ago. 

In the past, traditional marketing methods such as print ads, radio ads, direct mail, and cold calls were the primary outlets businesses used to promote their products and services—but all that changed when the world wide web became publicly accessible in the early ’90s. 

Enter: digital marketing.

Digital marketing comprises the use of search engines, websites, social media, and other digital platforms to advertise and sell products online. Now more widely used than its old-school counterpart, the global digital marketing industry is valued at more than 740 billion U.S. dollars, with spending growth expected to continue on an upward trend well into the next decade. 

The downside? Digital technology has advanced at a rapid pace in recent years. 

While this may not sound like a drawback per se, it means that online marketing channels have grown more and more complex, making it increasingly difficult for the everyday business owner or novice marketer to understand and keep track of things such as:

  • How to find (and engage with) their audience online; 
  • The most effective marketing channels to reach their digital consumers;
  • Whether or not their marketing efforts are actually paying off; and 
  • What to do when their strategies are failing.

In a nutshell, things are far more complicated nowadays than, say, printing a flier or handing out a business card. Digital marketing involves the use of countless online platforms, applications, programs, and tools that often come with a steep learning curve and may take years to master. 

For small business owners and new marketing managers especially, it can easily start to feel overwhelming. Marketing consultation services can offer a welcome lifeline amid a vast sea of confusion. 

What is marketing consultation?

Marketing consultation is a professional service that provides business owners and marketing managers with expert advice and in-depth analysis to improve their marketing strategy, performance, and processes. 

A marketing consultant offers customized, one-on-one support to help companies identify their target audience(s), expand into new markets, and track and measure performance to see which strategies are actually driving sales and revenue growth. 

From small startups eager to define their audience and hone their messaging to larger enterprises looking for ways to scale and increase profitability, companies of all sizes and in every industry can benefit from marketing consultation

Marketing Consultation Services

What does a marketing consultant do?

Marketing consultants perform a broad range of services—everything from answering questions about a specific problem you are having to performing a complete audit of your current digital marketing plan and creating a detailed roadmap of strategies to implement. 

Though they may focus on a specific niche, a quality marketing consultant will have expertise in all areas of digital marketing, including pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and tracking and analytics. 

Below are some of the key services you might expect from a marketing consultant. 

Audit existing marketing plan

The most effective marketing plans are those rooted in solid data. Your marketing consultant will take a deep dive into your current strategies, systems, and processes to evaluate how well they are working, confirm they are aligned with your marketing goals and objectives, and identify key areas for improvement. This may include your website content and performance, your email marketing campaigns, and your paid advertising campaigns. 

Market and competitor research 

You may think you know your industry inside and out, but a fresh perspective can often reveal valuable information about current trends and opportunities that may help you reach new customers (and retain your existing customers), expand into new markets, and further drive revenue. 

A marketing consultant will also take a close look at what your competitors are doing to help you understand key differentiators and craft a more compelling offer. Analyzing customer feedback of rival brands is also an excellent way to monopolize on their missed opportunities and help you hone your marketing strategy. 

Audience insights and segmentation 

When you know who your audience is and where to find them, you can more effectively allocate your marketing budget toward the best channels and strategies. Marketing consulting services help you identify your most profitable consumer markets and tailor your messaging—and where and when it appears—to their unique interests, pain points, and needs. 

Develop and help implement marketing strategies

Marketing in the digital age is evolving at a breakneck pace, with new tools and technology to improve everything from your ad creative, branding, and messaging to the ways in which you capture leads and sales. Consider the explosive growth of AI-driven programs and machine learning innovation in marketing today; do you have the time or resources to invest in learning which new technologies will best support your business goals? A marketing consultant can help you stay on the cutting edge. 

Manage advertising campaigns and measure performance

Pay-per-click advertising is getting more complex by the day. If you are currently running PPC campaigns or have considered running campaigns through Google Ads, Meta Ads, or Amazon Ads (or some combination thereof), having an expert on your side is a major advantage. 

A marketing consultant can help you understand the nuances of each platform, as well as how to identify issues and implement solutions to optimize performance. They can answer your questions about keywords, budget, bidding strategy, and more, which will result in more efficient ad spend. 

Provide training and support to your team

If your business is just starting out or you are looking to level up your in-house marketing team, a marketing consultant can provide valuable one-on-one training to ensure you avoid costly mistakes that could drain your marketing budget. Consultants have the experience and in-depth knowledge to provide a fresh perspective on where your business should focus for growth, and they will share proven strategies and best practices to guide your team toward the most profitable path forward

Why Use a Marketing Consultant

Why should you consider marketing consultation?

In the majority of cases, when businesses are struggling to reach their goals, it is because they cannot see the forest for the trees. In other words, they are so deeply involved in the day-to-day of running things that it can be difficult to zoom out and see the bigger picture. 

As a result, they continue to invest their time and money in strategies and tactics that fail to produce the desired results, which can quickly drain their marketing budget—especially when you factor in the complexities of PPC platforms nowadays. 

Businesses should consider working with a digital marketing consultant if they are:

  • Just starting out and lack an in-house marketing team
  • Unsure of who their target audience is and how to find them
  • Spending money on marketing without any actual strategy
  • Considering running paid ads but are unsure where to start
  • Trying to scale but their business is not growing
  • Struggling to get qualified leads despite their current marketing strategy
  • Failing to meet their monthly, quarterly, or annual revenue goals
  • Not tracking or measuring their marketing efforts
  • Just too busy to focus on marketing

Wherever stage your business is in, marketing consultation provides a significant benefit and can help you overcome your current challenges and discover your biggest growth opportunities. 

How Much Does a Marketing Consultant Cost

How much does a marketing consultant cost?

Marketing consultation services generally follow a DWY (done with you) service model. This means your consultant will work side by side with you, guiding you through the steps and best practices to develop and execute a winning marketing strategy for your company. 

Fees for marketing consulting may vary widely based on a number of factors, including your business needs and budget, the scope of the services provided, the experience of the consultant, and the demand of the current market. 

Consultants may bill by the hour, per individual meeting, as a flat monthly rate, or on a project-by-project basis. Typically, however, you can plan to spend anywhere from $750 to $3,000 a month on marketing consultation services

How to find the right marketing consultant for your business

As with any important business decision, finding the right marketing consultant for your company will take a little time and research

Begin by asking other business owners or marketers you trust if they have worked with an agency that offers consulting services. They will be able to provide insight into what they provide as well as their dependability, pricing structure, and grasp of current tools, trends, and technology. 

When researching different marketing consultation providers on the internet, always look for positive client reviews, case studies, and other differentiating factors that set them apart. Reputable consultants will allow you to schedule a complimentary discovery call to help you get to know them and see if they are the right fit for your business. 

Marketing Consultation Call

What to expect on the first call

During the initial discovery call, you can expect your marketing consultant to ask you a lot of questions. They will likely inquire about your business, your industry, and the unique selling proposition (USP) of your product or service. 

Expect questions about your current marketing strategy, your target audience, which marketing channels you are using (e.g., email marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, paid advertising, social media), how each one is performing, and where you see any issues or roadblocks. 

Your prospective consultant will also ask about your current and future sales and growth goals, the size of your budget, and where you are allocating (or plan to allocate) your marketing dollars. Using all of this information, they will be able to develop a preliminary plan of action and explain what steps they plan to take to elevate your marketing strategy to the next level. 

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Put your marketing strategy in the hands of the professionals.

Solutions 8 is an 18-year veteran in the digital marketing industry and a name our clients trust for expertise and efficiency. In addition to Google Ads management, content creation, and marketing automation services, we offer premier marketing consultation through our Revenue Overdrive program. 

Why choose Solutions 8 as your consulting partner?

  • Your business is in the in-between stage where things are lifting off but you aren’t quite ready for an agency. 
  • You may be comfortable managing your own PPC accounts, but you would love to have an expert on your side with whom to strategize and brainstorm ideas.
  • You could really benefit from having another set of trained eyes to point out things you may be missing and help you identify what your biggest competitors are doing.
  • Your current budget does not allow for full management, but you want access to top-notch advice that you can implement yourself and review the findings with an expert.
  • You want to get more out of your marketing and advertising budget so you can drive revenue and achieve consistent growth. 

If you are looking for expert guidance to elevate your business strategy and ensure a cohesive, cost-efficient, and profitable marketing strategy, let’s connect

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