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Client Manager Daniella Fisher Shows Us How Opportunities Come Up In Unexpected Places

Daniella Fisher has her wildly talented nail technician, Ashley, to thank for her job at Solutions 8. If it seems an unlikely connection, it’s understandable when you find out her nail technician is Andrew Terpstra’s wife. It was as simple as Ashley mentioning to her husband that Daniella was looking for a job, and our Client Management Team Lead, Andrew, was able to help out.

Life has a wonderful way of presenting opportunities to us, and yet, it still depends on the drive and determination of a person to follow through and get results. Daniella had all the skills Solutions 8 was looking for in a Client Manager when she secured an interview and landed the job.

Like so many of her colleagues, Daniella says it’s a privilege to work with people from all over the world. It’s something she is very grateful for. Other things like liaising between clients and the Solutions 8 team, covering client performance, and strategy adjustments are what she does best.

My go-to spot for a cocktail on a Friday night

My go-to spot for a cocktail on a Friday night

Bubbly And Confident

Since she’s an extrovert, it makes Daniella Fisher particularly adept at her job. 

“I love connecting with people, so I find that really helps me build meaningful relationships with my clients.”

Wedding Date Photo Opportunity

Wedding Date = Photo Opportunity

As with most roles in the workplace, there are challenging moments, too. Part of being a Client Manager means taking on the stress your clients might have.

“I’m very much an empath so any time my client has the slightest bit of concern over anything, I feel that x10, which can be hard at times!”

Daniella is a coffee lover and it’s her number one go-to productivity trick. Number two is typing out a list of tasks she needs to do that day. It helps her get motivated because she LOVES checking things off the list. 

“It’s so satisfying!”

Taking Responsibility

Daniella’s family has left an indelible mark on her as a person, and her love for her close-knit family members shines through loud and clear. Her parents gave her significant values that she appreciates to this day, namely transparency and ownership.

Latte Girl Through and Through

“These are something I have started implementing in my adult life within the last two years, and I find that it’s a breath of fresh air because you stop making excuses for things and just own up to and are honest about mistakes—we’re human, it happens!”

This spills over into another pearl of wisdom our CM shares with us. Daniella believes there’s no need to stress about things that are out of our control. And that’s exactly what she would have advised her younger self if she could have.

“The only thing you can control 100% is how you react to any given situation, so don’t react in ways that will hurt you.”

Wise words indeed!

The Importance of Family

Two Peas in a Pod (at my mom and stepdad’s wedding)

Two Peas in a Pod (at my mom and stepdad’s wedding)

Family is one of the most important factors in her life, both near and far. In case you didn’t know, Daniella’s mom is originally from Kullavik, Sweden and it’s a place that Daniella is very fond of. She spent a lot of summers there when she was younger and considers it her “safe space.” And what tasty treats should we try when we are in Kullavik? 

“You need to try Swedish cinnamon buns,” Daniella assures us.

She says they are life-changing!! We’re already there!!

“I’m blessed with such an incredible family! I’m extremely close with all of my family and wouldn’t be who I am today without their constant love, support, and great sense of humor!”

Our Client Manager’s mom and stepdad live in the same city as her, while her dad and uncle (who is like a father figure to her) live in Tennessee, which is where Daniella grew up. Everyone else on Dad’s side is scattered around the USA. Her mom’s family, including Daniella’s brother, lives in Sweden.

And what is a complete family without a furry member?

“I co-parent a kitty, Auggie, with my roommate and best friend. He’s a very naughty cat, but we love him nonetheless!”

Sun Bathing

The Future Is Yours!

With family members all over the world, there is one place that Daniella would love to live and it’s much closer to home than you might think. She has a dream of living in New York! Let’s see what the future has in store!

Summers In Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Summers in Sweden when Daniella was young remain her favorite childhood memory. 

“I have a lot of cousins all close in age, so I have endless memories of us playing in the yard, while my mom and grandma would watch us from the porch with big smiles on their faces. Oftentimes, the landline would ring and I would sprint up to answer because I knew it was most likely my dad calling from the States. I was always so excited to tell him about all the fun we were having and he would always be an attentive listener.”

Read This Series Now!

channeling Marilyn Monroe

Channeling Marilyn Monroe

In her free time, Daniella loves to read. She’s currently reading the Throne of Glass books, a fantasy series by Sarah J. Maas which her best friend introduced her to. Now she’s hooked! The author is amazing, says Daniella, and has written a bunch of other incredible series, too. Daniella cites Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass as her favorite fictional character.

Though a fitness fan, Daniella has never tried pickleball and believes it is her next sports challenge. It’s very popular where she lives so it’s not the logistics that stops her from trying it out but a certain sense of pride.

“I’m quite competitive so being bad at it would be detrimental,” she jokes. 

We’re quite certain Daniella Fisher is not bad at pickleball. On the contrary, we bet she is exceptionally good at anything she turns her hand to. With so much empathy and enthusiasm for living, it comes as no surprise to learn Daniella’s motto for living is “If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it.”

 25th Birthday Celebration

The wisdom of this motto shines through in Daniela’s work life and private life. We look forward to seeing what wonderful things our Client Manager will do next!


Jani is a copywriter at Solutions 8 with a passion for short stories, dancing under the stars, and 80s pop music. Her soul’s purpose is to turn herself into a masterpiece. Her future is filled with green fields, flowers, sunshine, and poetry.

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