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Client Management Team Lead Andrew Terpstra is an Empath, Beach Lover, and Serial Hobbyist

Andrew Terpstra

As a company, Solutions 8 makes the most of its resources. And as a company, we know that employees are the most valuable resource of all! Andrew Terpstra fits his role of client management team leader perfectly. He is an empath at heart and believes that this personality trait allows him to put himself in another’s shoes. He is always able to see where others are coming from in order to understand their true needs. Making sure his colleagues and clients have those needs addressed is important to Andrew.

Andrew and his wife close up

“The best part of my job is being able to work with such an incredibly empathetic and intelligent group of people. All of our client managers are very special individuals that are capable of not only problem-solving and data analysis, but also exceptional communicators who always know how to convey difficult information to clients in a way that is easily understood.”

As you can see, Andrew is responsible for leading our team of client managers to ensure all of our clients’ expectations for the agency are being met. It is vital that the team address any potential issues that come up as quickly as possible.

Taking it in his stride

Andrew’s start at Solutions 8 came off the back of an unlucky situation. After being laid off from his last agency, Andrew was fortunate enough to have a co-worker looking out for him. She was kind enough to send him jobs. One of those jobs came from a Google Ads company. Yes. You got that right. Leandra was looking to hire a CM. Andrew applied for the job and the rest is history.

As we all know…

We work in an industry that is changing every single day. That’s something that Andrew finds challenging in his job.

“I personally love the feeling of needing to always learn something new, but sometimes keeping up with the constant changes of the digital marketing world can be a lot to wrap your head around.”

Balancing work and personal life

Perhaps a healthy way to combat the ever-changing demands of work is to go to the beach or take up a new hobby.

“I don’t think many people would be surprised by me taking on a seemingly random hobby, to be honest. I bounce from one hobby to another ALL the time, so I’ve been interested in weird stuff out of nowhere: building models, skimboarding, volleyball, lego cars, disc golf, just to name a few!”

When it comes to relaxing, Andrew is very happy to spend his time on the beach. In fact, that would be his favorite way to spend a day with friends.

“Heading out to the ocean with some drinks, a volleyball or frisbee, and just enjoying the sun and water is always a perfect day for me.”

There are other places he would go, regardless of the company. We know his family would be top of the list without a doubt! Though Andrew hasn’t had the opportunity to visit many places outside the USA, he rates New York City and Yellowstone National Park as his all-time favorite places to visit! They might be polar opposites, but Andrew believes these two spots speak to the different parts of himself.

It is this search to understand all parts of himself that leads him to be curious enough to have the opportunity to swap places with someone who is from a culture completely opposite to his own.

“I believe that it’s important to grow as a human being without experiencing people and cultures that are totally contrary to your own. Those experiences allow you to open your mind and think of life in different ways that you might never have thought of before.”

Famous artist question

One of our favorite questions is which famous artist would be perfect to paint your portrait. Andrew’s answer is very coherent.

“Probably Edward Hopper. His paintings have been very inspirational to me personally for my photography hobby and I’ve always resonated with how isolated he makes the people in his paintings.” 

Andrew T photography shot 1
Andrew T photography shot 2

Looking back to the past

Andrew and dog

“I had to teach myself almost everything growing up, and that has benefited me more than almost anything else. It has allowed me to not be afraid of things I don’t know, and if there are things that I feel like I should know, I will always go out and teach it to myself.”

That sounds like good advice!

Originally from Holland, Michigan, Andrew says there is something to celebrate in his hometown every spring: the Tulip Festival! It’s a very Dutch city and people come from all over to see the magical colors of blooming tulips. The celebrations are fun for visitors and townspeople alike.

Andrew doesn’t remember much from his childhood, but from what he recalls of school he typically kept to himself. Things changed when he moved away from Holland and got to live in a completely different environment than where he had been raised.

“College was where I felt like I was able to fully be myself and stop worrying about how others viewed me.”

Currently living in Charleston, South Carolina, Andrew says he has the best family he could ever ask for!

“My wife and I will be having our ten-year anniversary this year and she’s been my best friend ever since I met her.”

They have two kids, Oliver who is eight, and Olivia who is five. To round out the family, there are two dogs, Elsa and Viking.

Andrew Terpstra
Andrew Terpstra


Jani is a copywriter at Solutions 8 with a passion for short stories, dancing under the stars, and 80s pop music. Her soul’s purpose is to turn herself into a masterpiece. Her future is filled with green fields, flowers, sunshine, and poetry.

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