The Best ChatGPT Prompt You’re Not Using

Last updated by Pamela Sapio, December 5, 2023

In a recent episode of the Perpetual Traffic podcast, Ralph asked Kasim for a real “nugget” (i.e., a valuable quick tip) that could help listeners grow and scale their businesses. 

Kasim responded with what he calls “his favorite prompt of all time” for ChatGPT, one that he uses “500 million times a day.”

ChatGPT, as you probably already know, is the AI-powered chatbot created by OpenAI that uses machine learning technology to answer questions, solve math problems, compose music, and, yes, even write content that marketers can use to help create everything from email campaigns to social media posts. 

You can watch the video clip here (or the full podcast here), but this blog will provide a brief overview of what Kasim has to say.

It all comes down to keeping it simple.

Kasim, as you may know, has a tendency to use what he calls “flowery” language. 

(Cough. Whaaaat?) 

Jokes aside though, he says the more simply you can say something, the better you are at communicating—period.

But being the antithesis of that statement, he says there is a simple, two-word prompt he uses for ChatGPT that is a lifesaver. 

And just what are those two magic words? 

Kasim says he enters the sentence or paragraph that he wrote and asks ChatGPT to “Simplify this.” 

And he swears he feels tangible relief when the chatbot bounces back a response. 

“It’s like, ‘Ah that’s what I was trying to say!’ and it’s so helpful. And I’ll do it with everything, even emails that I’m sending to people,” Kasim admitted. “And it’s still what I’m saying; it’s my sentiment, generally speaking. It’s actually my verbiage, even the tone and personality that I’ve injected into the piece. It’s just simple… or simpler.”

So, if you happen to get an email from Kasim that’s a little more concise than you were expecting? Yeah, you can probably thank machine learning. 

But why stop there? The nugget within the nugget.

Kasim then takes it one more step by asking ChatGPT, “Can you simplify this further?” or “Can you make this simpler?” 

He says it works especially well with ad copy—because they say when writing, you’re supposed to communicate with people on a 7th-grade level

“So I really like to simplify this prompt and I use it for everything,” says Kasim. He adds that Alex Hormozi is a pro at simplifying language, and we can all learn some good lessons from his YouTube channel

So there you have it! 

What can ChatGPT simplify to help YOU communicate better with your audience?

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