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Mastering Data Collection and Conversion Tracking

Getting the right data is crucial for growing your business online with paid ads or organic traffic. Conversion tracking can often be too complicated to set up and, without an expert in the field, impossible to figure out.


Are your marketing efforts actually paying off?

Tracking conversions—and making sure you track the right conversions—is the only way to truly know the answer.

But remember: Conversions are not just purchases.

A conversion is any action taken by a consumer that supports your sales and marketing goals. This includes when a user fills out your lead form, signs up for your membership program, or calls to schedule an appointment.

Understanding where, when, and why these conversions happen (and who is performing the action) helps you understand what’s working and what’s not in your marketing funnel.

From there, you can make the necessary optimizations to further drive growth for your business.

Solutions 8 Tracking Services Help Your Business:

  • Get visibility into what works and what doesn’t

  • Clean and expand your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Looker Studio

  • Explore custom tracking solutions that will work for your setup

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The Problem? Tracking is Tricky.

Tracking conversions allows you to gain insight into how your PPC ad campaigns are performing, as well as how users interact with your website and mobile app. 

This information can then be used to optimize your marketing campaigns, improve audience targeting, enhance the user experience, and ultimately increase revenue. But… 

Learning how to track conversions effectively takes time and expertise—as does setting up and managing your tracking parameters to ensure the best results. 

Because more often than not, you aren’t just tracking conversion actions within Google Ads. You’re tracking them across multiple marketing platforms, including Google Analytics (for your websites and apps), Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, Taboola, AdRoll, and the list goes on.

Simplify conversion tracking with Solutions 8

Let our expert team take care of conversion tracking setup and management for your business. 

We will create a custom tracking solution that works for YOU, so you can easily begin tracking the right conversions to increase profitability. 

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