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New Google Analytics Feature for PMax: View Conversion Data by Channel (Shopping vs. Search)

This guide will go through two simple reporting options to look at your conversion data from your Performance Max campaign.

We will break it out into two channels, Shopping Vs. Search.

Table Of Contents

  1. View Shopping and Search conversion data through Google Ads
  2. View Shopping and Search conversion data through Google Analytics

Reviewing conversion data via Google Ads

  1. When you are inside your Google Ads account, you want to head to the top menu and click on reports.
  2. Click predefined reports > shopping > shopping MC ID.
Google Ads menu bar. Predefine reports, shopping, shopping MC ID

To keep the data consistent, we’ll be looking at conversions within the last seven days. Here, it tells us how many conversions have come from the Shopping network.

3. Click on level of detail – click and add campaign.

Google Ads menu. Level of detail, add campaign

4. Add a filter – click campaign name – write PMax.

Google Ads button- Filter
Google Ads menu, Campaign name, Pmax.

You can see 2.80 conversions from the Shopping network within the last seven days.

Google Ads conversion data for shopping network

So this is one option to view conversions from the Shopping network.

Now we will view it through the Search network.

5. Click on the same Performance Max campaign and use the same date range (seven days).

6. Go to insights in the main menu bar on the left.

Google Ads menu bar, insights

7. Click on conversion views > change to conversions.

Google Ads menu, conversions

Go to show rows and click 10 rows for good measure.

Here you’ll see we have 12 + 0.8.

Google Ads conversion data for search network

You’re also seeing results from the Shopping network, therefore you’ll need to minus 2.8.

So we’ll say there are 10  from the Search network.

Here is one way to view Performance Max campaign conversion data through your Google Ads account.

Reviewing conversion data via Google Analytics

The second way to see this data is if you go into your Google Analytics account.

  1. Click on the Attribution tab down in the left corner menu.
Google Analytics, attribution button

2. Go into Google Ads Performance on the left-hand side menu.

Google Analytics menu bar, Google Ads performance.

Ensure you keep the date range the same for seven days. 

Here you’ll see your Performance Max campaign. 

You want to look at your whole campaign ID number, located under your campaign name.

As you can see, the last four digits for this client are “7903”.

Underneath, there are other ID numbers containing “7903”.

Google Analytics data showing ID number of campaign

By hovering over the icon, you’ll be able to tell what network it is.

Search icon
Shopping icon

3. Go to Attribution Model and click data-driven.

Google Analytics menu, Data-driven

If you see the last two that contain the number “7903,” there is 2.73 for shopping and 10.15 for Search.

shopping and search conversion data

The Shopping network has 2.73 conversions and Search had around 10. If you go back into your Google Ads account and see the Shopping and Search conversions, you’ll notice the data is pretty close.

NOTE: There will always be a little discrepancy between Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Now you can view the same data but through two different platforms: Google Ads, and thanks to the new attribution feature in Google Analytics.

If you want to learn more about Performance Max campaigns and how you can maximize your conversions, then take advantage of our Performance Max Ultimate Guide below.


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