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Weekly Update: April 10 – April 14, 2023

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Newest YouTube Videos

Kasim reveals the SECRET FORMULA so Google LOVES your content! This guide can help you build yourself as a thought leader in any industry in addition to helping you rank above the SERPs.

Kasim decodes the classic social media slang so you can protect yourself from falling prey to manipulative campaigns. Watch this video now!

Articles & Podcasts

Solutions 8 celebrates its 17-year anniversary in 2023. In those 17 years, we have learned some valuable lessons about what it takes to build and manage a successful business.

New Customer Acquisition bidding isn’t something John recommends you should use, listen to this episode to learn why.

Ralph and Kasim discuss various AI tools that can be used to make money. They cover tools like Zapier, ChatGPT, and Tweet Hunter, which can help with legal protection, Twitter threads, and data visualization.

Big News & Upcoming Events

Whether you’re in the eCommerce or lead generation space, this ebook will teach you everything you need to grow and scale your (or your client’s) business by creating, managing, and running highly profitable Google Ads.


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