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Weekly Update: January 8 – January 12, 2024

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Newest YouTube Videos

Regina Bellows reveals a successful Google Ads strategy that boosted Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) by 31% and improved Media Efficiency Ratio (MER), all in just two and a half months! Learn how the StarterPPC team allocated budgets between Standard Shopping and PMax campaigns and dived deep into the importance of tracking the MER to gauge campaign success and more. 

Are you thinking about starting a podcast this year? Before taking the plunge, watch this insightful video with Kasim and Ralph. They discuss if starting one is still worth the risk despite the growing number of podcasts, so check out this video now so you can make an informed decision.

Senior Client Manager Mel reveals a Media Efficiency Ration (MER) tracking spreadsheet she uses with her clients who do not have Northbeam or another third-party attribution tool. She also shares how to track New Customer MER, and reviews some tools and reports in Shopify that she uses.

Articles & Podcasts

Got 20 minutes? Mongoose Media CEO and social media rock star Lauren Petrullo shares a simple but powerful Instagram hack to grow your business. 

Is your Amazon store thriving but your Google Ads campaigns are falling short of expectations? It’s possible that your ads are driving sales on Amazon instead of directing customers to purchase directly from you. Tune in to learn more.

Ralph and Kasim talk about the paradigm shift from traditional marketing to a content-centric approach. They explore the intersection of AI-driven tools with marketing, highlighting the need for businesses to adapt and leverage these technologies to stay competitive.

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