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Weekly Update: September 11 – September 15, 2023

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Newest YouTube Videos

Discover how Regina achieved an impressive 83% boost in ROAS overnight, even with a limited budget.

From starting with just $5,000 to building businesses with over $12 million in gross revenue, Nathan shares invaluable insights and strategies that every entrepreneur needs to know.

Join Kasim as he sits down with Matthew Stafford, CEO of Build Grow Scale, to discuss the game-changing tool that can help scale Shopify stores.

Wondering why your campaign suddenly stops spending with Maximize Conversion Value Bidding Strategy? You’re not alone! Explore this perplexing challenge and learn how to conquer it.

Regina shows you how to analyze and optimize your Google Ads search targeting. Get ready to learn valuable strategies to make your advertising campaigns work better.

Articles & Podcasts

We want to help you make your content stand out. We’ve added our own special ingredient, too. Google will love your content after this!

Our YouTube channel recently reached 28k subscribers! It’s also our strongest lead generation tool. Here are the 9 things we’ve learned about cracking the YouTube algorithm for a successful YouTube channel.

Navigate the intricate landscape of digital marketing—from understanding campaign goals to harnessing the potential of online audiences. This episode offers invaluable insights that promise to elevate your digital strategies to new heights.

Big News & Upcoming Events

In this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian Garlic interviews our fearless leader and CEO, Kasim Aslam, on why YouTube should be your #1 focus.

Kasim reveals how investing $200K monthly on YouTube outperforms all other lead acquisition strategies. Discover his secret to harnessing the power of YouTube’s vast data, creating compelling value-driven content, and generating high-quality leads. 

This episode will change the way you view traditional advertising. Watch it here.


Joan is the YouTube Growth Manager at Solutions 8. When she’s off the clock, you’ll find her chilling with her 10 fur babies, pushing her limits in CrossFit sessions, or basking in the serenity of the beach.

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