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Weekly Update: September 18 – September 22, 2023

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John tested the Google Demand Gen campaign. We spent $30K in 3 weeks and doubled our leads inside Google Ads for the same ad spend… or so we thought. Join John as he dissects the data and reveals the hidden truths behind the numbers.

Kasim sits down with Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of Scalable.co and DigitalMarketer.com, and they talk about the biggest marketing mistake advertisers make during economic downturns like recessions. 

While ROAS was once a reliable measure of ad performance, it has become less dependable. If you still rely on ROAS to gauge your campaign’s success, you should think again and watch this video now.

Discover why addressing specific problems rather than focusing on products or qualifications can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy.

If you’re investing in video ads, you’re on the right path to business growth. But how do you know your video ads are really converting? This video has the answers.

Articles & Podcasts

Are you looking to grow and scale your business with Google Ads? Follow this simple strategy for small-budget businesses to help you see results!

One of the most important skill sets an entrepreneur can cultivate (and something Kasim still struggles with daily) is learning how to reframe events and situations so they serve us instead of holding us back. Tune in to learn more.

Discover the #1 mistake advertisers make when running Meta Ads. Also, dive into the nuances of modern advertising, the transformative power of AI-induced traffic platforms, the potential of in-app strategies, and more.

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Our founder and fearless leader here at Solutions 8 just launched his Daily Newsletter.

Every weekday, you’ll get knowledge, tips, and lessons that Kasim learned from more than 17 years of being an entrepreneur.

Whether you’re a starting entrepreneur or marketer or seasoned pro in your industry, you’re going to get nuggets of wisdom that you can apply right now in your life and your business.

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In this episode of The Smart Route Podcast by CallTrackingMetrics, Brandon Jordan and Peter Bacon sit down with our fearless leader and CEO, Kasim Aslam, and they talk about What We Get Wrong About Google Ads, Analytics, and AI.

Discover why Google Ads might be underperforming for your business and, more importantly, how to turn the tide in your favor. Learn innovative ad budgeting techniques that have transformed unsexy businesses into powerhouse brands (think Dollar Shave Club). Kasim also reveals why AI isn’t a threat but your ally in crafting more engaging, human-centric messaging.

Watch this video for an eye-opening discussion that will reshape your advertising strategy, boost your ROI, and inspire you to conquer the digital marketing world. 


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