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Weekly Update: September 4 – September 8, 2023

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Newest YouTube Videos

We consider ourselves “The Performance Max Agency,” but now, we don’t love PMax campaigns anymore to the extent that we’re moving our customers off of it. Learn more about why this is happening.

Kasim and Ralph sit down with Erik Huberman, the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, to talk about the challenges agency owners face as they scale their business. Erik also shares the strategies they employed to build a $500M Marketing Agency.

Wicked Reports shares how one of their clients, MyPhoto, got a lot more leads and higher revenue by using the low tROAS strategy! If you’re looking for more proof of why low tROAS works, this is it. 

If you’re in the market for a PPC agency, this video is a must-watch. Learn from this cautionary tale and avoid agencies that employ these unethical tactics. Kasim and Ralph expose the shady practices of some PPC agencies that could be holding your business hostage.

Kasim and Ralph cut through the marketing agency jargon to reveal the true significance behind the titles “Google Premier Partner” and “Meta Business Partner.” Do these certifications and badges hold real value? Should you base your marketing agency choice solely on these credentials?

Articles & Podcasts

Kasim shares one of the most powerful concepts he has ever been presented—Stephen Covey’s Personality Ethic vs. Character Ethic. 

Ralph and Kasim sit down with Ryan Deiss to discuss the challenges of valuing a digital asset and the importance of mapping out a clear growth engine. They dive into the complexities of pricing a podcast and the factors to consider. 

Explore 9 key strategies that boosted our YouTube channel to 27k subscribers. From daily posting to crafting compelling titles, discover a roadmap to success.


Big News & Upcoming Events

Regina will take you through our comprehensive process for analyzing and optimizing search targeting within Google Ads in this video. Get ready to dive into the world of Google Ads keyword optimization and discover the secrets to boosting your campaign’s performance.

Explore the pros and cons of following Google’s keyword suggestions and learn how to make informed decisions about your campaign’s keyword selection. Watch the video now.

Want to scale your Google Ads campaigns for your small business? Look no further than the StarterPPC YouTube channel

With new videos released every Friday at 9:45 AM AZ time, you can stay up to date on the latest techniques and strategies for maximizing your advertising budget. 

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Joan is the YouTube Growth Manager at Solutions 8. When she’s off the clock, you’ll find her chilling with her 10 fur babies, pushing her limits in CrossFit sessions, or basking in the serenity of the beach.

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