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Why Shopper Approved is the Best Way to Get Reviews

Customer reviews can come in many varieties. They might be in the form of a star rating, written reviews, videos, and more. Whichever form they take, customer reviews have a powerful effect on the behavior of your audience, thus affecting the performance of your brand. Five-star ratings and reviews will help you attract qualified customers, […]
We are a Digital Marketer Certified Partner – one of the things that makes us the best Google Ads agency

Why We Decided To Get Digital Marketer Certified

Solutions 8 is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner Solutions 8 is excited to announce our recent partnership with Digital Marketer, a community for marketers and business owners to get new, exciting ideas and learn through certification programs, educational labs and a library of materials. Now that Solutions 8 is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner we will […]
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