Archive of month: September 2016

Using Infusionsoft for Sales & Process Management

One of the more extraordinary things about Infusionsoft as a tool is the ability to trigger automation using the “Opportunities” goal within the campaign manager. A pretty significant limitation of other automation tools is their inability to coincide with human processes. There has been a pretty clear line of demarcation drawn that separates automation from […]

A Guide to PPC for Manufacturing Companies

  From assembly to machining, leaders in the manufacturing industry are looking to optimize performance, implement agile methodologies like LEAN and Six Sigma, and increase efficiency in every step of the production process. The majority of these manufacturers are not focusing on PPC, marketing, producing quality content or optimizing keywords — but they should be. […]

Facebook Ads: The Importance of Quality Advertising

Something is happening. Facebook has been around for the internet’s version of forever, right? And yet, suddenly your inbox is cluttered with invitations to webinars on Facebook ads. You hear more and more about the changes and updates Facebook is making to its ad mechanism. And that guy at the chamber of commerce meeting that […]
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