Archive of month: January 2017

Why We Use a Living Plan

Our boss has an old adage taped above his desk that reads, “That which is measured, is managed.” And lucky for us, the fact that he applies the logic behind this sentence to almost everything he does has enabled Solutions 8 to stay agile, competitive and fresh in an often unpredictable landscape. That’s not to […]

Solutions 8: Email Marketing Flowchart*

Email Marketing Flowchart Steps* When a potential client opts-in to a lead magnet by providing us with their email address, an automatic five-email indoctrination campaign is immediately triggered. The campaign’s purpose is to introduce the brand, engender good-will and enthusiasm by offering leads “gifts” of content that leads perceive as valuable and letting leads know […]

Top of the Funnel Content

I’ve talked a lot about knowing your audience when it comes to content marketing; but this means more than understanding who your avatar is—it’s also about where each individual prospect is in your sales funnel.Let me explain; there are three levels of commitment and interest when it comes to prospective customers who visit your website. […]

The Solutions 8 Sales Funnel

We talk a lot about sales funnels with our Clients. So much so that I thought it was finally time that we took the lid off ours and sort of put our money where our money is JBefore I lift the veil, let me just preface by saying what I have always said: sales funnels […]
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