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5 Easy Tools to Create an Infographic in 30 Minutes or Less

[fusion_text]Infographics are an excellent way to market your business. Why? Because visual content can be absorbed 60,000 times faster than written content. If you have an important message you want to get across, an infographic is the best way to do so. Besides being extremely effective, infographics are also fun! People love sharing them on […]

10 Medical Device Website Must-Haves

A jaw-dropping one in eight Americans work in the healthcare industry. So, if you work in the medical device industry, you literally have thousands of doctors, caregivers, and patients who could depend on your products. Yet a striking majority of medical device websites are difficult to navigate, losing sales in a matter of seconds. In […]

Medical Device Marketing: How to Communicate to Your Audience

One thing is for sure: there’s no shortage in communication platforms in our modern world. In the medical industry alone, practitioners are swamped in emails, patient portals, networking channels—and good old fashioned phone calls. As digital marketers, it’s kind of our job to not only communicate a message, but to also know where to speak […]
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