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Kasim Aslam Is a Featured Speaker at the Affiliate Summit East 2021

Without fail, each Affiliate Summit event features an all-star lineup of industry rockstars who educate and empower eCommerce businesses and digital marketers alike to grow and scale effectively. So, it’s an honor (and a no-brainer) that Solutions 8 founder and fearless leader, Kasim Aslam, was asked to speak at Affiliate Summit East this year. What […]

Solutions 8: Proud DataFeedWatch Partners

(…And Yes, You Need a Data Feed Solution) Let me preface with this: I’m a big DataFeedWatch fan. In fact, Solutions 8 is a DFW partner—which is a pretty big deal (is this what #humble looks like?). But partnership aside, I want to take this moment to shout two other things from the proverbial rooftop: […]

Why We Love Smart Shopping Campaigns

When most retailers think of digital marketing, standard Google ads come to mind. After all, regular Google Shopping campaigns have been around for ages. They were also known as the top marketing channel for quite some time. But in 2018, all that changed. Google released a new campaign subtype called Smart Shopping. It’s also one […]

The Golden Metric: How to Calculate ROAS

There are dozens of ways to measure the performance of a Google Ads campaign. Impressions. Click-through rate. Conversions.   But at Solutions 8, we argue that ROAS should be one of your highest priorities when it comes to tracking campaign performance. Here’s Why ROAS is so much more than just another acronym in our (acronym-addicted) […]