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Why We Love Smart Shopping Campaigns

When most retailers think of digital marketing, standard Google ads come to mind. After all, regular Google Shopping campaigns have been around for ages. They were also known as the top marketing channel for quite some time. But in 2018, all that changed. Google released a new campaign subtype called Smart Shopping. It’s also one […]

The Golden Metric: How to Calculate Your ROAS Goal

There are dozens of ways to measure the performance of a Google Ads campaign: Impressions. Click-through rate. Conversions…   But at Solutions 8, we argue that ROAS should be one of your highest priorities when it comes to tracking campaign performance.   Here’s Why ROAS is so much more than just another acronym in our […]

Kasim Aslam Featured on Heartrepreneur® Radio

February was a busy month at Solutions 8 — especially for our founder and fearless leader, Kasim, who was a featured guest on Heartrepreneur® Radio.   The radio show, hosted by Terri Levine, is centered around building a stronger business (and personal life) by channeling human connection. And as a digital marketing guru, Kasim knows […]

Email Marketing Metrics: What You Should Be Tracking and Why

Do you dare google it? Your fingers twitch before you type it. Who knows what can of proverbial worms this will crack open? “What metrics should my business track?” And—GAK!—there it is, exactly what you were dreading: a dizzying array of opinions from marketing gurus, E-commerce sites and…hey wait…did a precocious 7th grader write this […]

10 Medical Device Website Must-Haves

A jaw-dropping one in eight Americans work in the healthcare industry. So, if you work in the medical device industry, you literally have thousands of doctors, caregivers, and patients who could depend on your products. Yet a striking majority of medical device websites are difficult to navigate, losing sales in a matter of seconds. In […]

Medical Device Marketing: How to Communicate to Your Audience

One thing is for sure: there’s no shortage in communication platforms in our modern world. In the medical industry alone, practitioners are swamped in emails, patient portals, networking channels—and good old fashioned phone calls. As digital marketers, it’s kind of our job to not only communicate a message, but to also know where to speak […]

Bottom of the Funnel Content

Hello again! As I explained last week, I’m taking Digital Marketer HQ’s Content Marketing Mastery certification course and I’m overwhelmed with information. Now, we’ve spent a lot of time going over the sales funnel process and how the content we create for your website needs to cater to prospective leads who are at each level […]

The Solutions 8 Gives Project

  Solutions 8 Gives What do you need to achieve in your life to feel successful? Our team has talked about this question a lot. In fact, it’s one of our favorite interview questions for hiring new team members. Aside from traveling the world, making a comfortable life for our families, and other honorable goals, […]
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