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This Clothing Company Spent $36,826 and Made $260,337 in Just 2 Months by Leveraging Google Ads!

This company is an established fashion brand renowned for its extensive collection of men’s clothing, with a particular focus on denim and urban streetwear. Founded in 1989, the company has emerged as a leading player in the fashion industry, recognized for its exceptional quality products and innovative designs that set new trends.

With a commitment to keeping up with the latest fashion trends and staying ahead of the curve, they continue to be a sought-after brand among style-conscious individuals who value quality, durability, and style.

In this case study, we’ll talk about how Solutions 8 helped this company increase their revenue using Google Ads.

Case Study Metrics​

Date Range: January 1st – February 28th 2023

Geographic Location Of The Company: United States


Total Ad Spend


Total Generated Revenue


Media Efficiency Ratio (MER)


Google Ads Attributed Revenue


Increase in CPC


Decrease in Cost


Increase in Conversions

The Challenge

Although the client’s monthly expenses on Facebook Ads exceeded $500,000, they had not considered the advantages of Google Ads. Despite achieving satisfactory outcomes through Facebook Ads, the client expressed eagerness to use Google ads to optimize their revenue.

The Solution​

We set up a Google Ads account, product feed, and Google Analytics account, and also set up conversion tracking.

We started with a monthly budget of $10,000 and created shopping campaigns, including a top-of-funnel (ToFu) campaign and bottom-of-funnel (BoFu) campaign, a brand search campaign, and YouTube ToFu campaigns for men’s and kids’ collections.

To allocate our budget, we decided to spend 60% on the shopping campaigns (ToFu and BoFu), 15% on the brand search campaign, and 25% on the YouTube ToFu campaign.

We excluded brand keywords in the ToFu shopping campaigns but not in the BoFu campaign.

The Results​

The client was impressed with the high ROAS and low CAC that we delivered using Google Ads. Upon launching Google Ads on the 16th of November, the campaigns generated the following:

  • Their total Shopify Sales increased by 29% compared to the previous period
  • Their total orders increased by 46%
  • Their store’s CAC dropped by 4% ($28.96)
  • Their new customers increased by 56%

In the first month, our Google Ads’ performance was outstanding, resulting in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 1,605%.

We spent $10,667 and generated $170,940 in revenue, resulting in a first-time Monthly Expense Ratio (MER) of 1,110% and a first-time customer acquisition cost (CAC) of $13.52.

Since February 2023, we have increased our monthly budget to $25,000 while maintaining a CAC of $19.14 and a ROAS of 663%.

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