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Scaling Campaigns Drive 165% Increase in Sales and 31% Improvement in ROAS for Medical-Grade Skincare Company

This leading medical-grade skincare company offers a comprehensive range of products, including moisturizers, sunscreens, serums, cleansers, toners, masks, and body care solutions. They also have targeted lines for anti-aging, acne, dryness, hyperpigmentation, and redness. Some of their most popular offerings include a universal tinted moisturizer with SPF 46, an HPR eye cream, a needle-less serum, brightening eye masks, and a best-sellers bundle.

This case study explains how Solutions 8 used targeted Google Ads strategies to unlock explosive growth for this leading medical-grade skincare brand.

Case Study Metrics​

Date Range: 1st Jan 2023 to 29th Feb 2024

Geographic Location Of The Company: United States


Total Ad Spend


Total Generated Revenue


Media Efficiency Ratio (MER)


Google Ads Attributed Revenue


Average Order Value (AOV)


New Customer Acquisition Cost (NCAC)


Increase in Conversions  ( 191,636.00) From 116,999.36 to 308,635.36

The Challenge

Despite a loyal customer base, a leading medical-grade skincare brand grappled with stagnant growth. They craved a strategy to unlock new audiences and propel revenue forward. However, their path to success wasn’t without roadblocks:

  • The client is a leading skincare brand with a loyal customer base but struggles to acquire new customers.
  • This limits their growth potential.
  • The previous marketing agency ran various campaigns (Search, Shopping Display) but failed to acquire new customers or increase revenue.
    • They focused on brand awareness and existing customer retention, spending more in these areas.
    • They aimed to scale the business through new customer acquisition using traditional strategies and optimizations, which proved ineffective.

The Solution​

As soon as we identified the challenges, our team engaged in constructing and executing data-driven strategies for the client. Apart from conducting daily evaluations of campaigns and products, we also:

  • Tested various audience signals for the Performance Max campaign to achieve their goals


  • Organized and strung bottom-of-funnel keywords in their Inbound  Search campaign for better targeting

  • Leveraged seasonal and promotional offers to attract potential customers and boost conversion rates

  • Created Remarketing campaigns to retarget website visitors with personalized ads featuring compelling offers and promotional assets

  • Optimized Standard Shopping campaign to boost new customer rate

The Results​

The Solutions 8 team implemented a strategy focused on scaling campaigns to drive explosive sales growth for the skincare brand.  This approach prioritized reaching new audiences while maintaining a keen eye on cost efficiency.  Now, let’s dive into the results and see just how effective this strategy proved to be. 


  • Since taking over the client account, we have achieved significant growth (Jan 2023–Feb 2024 vs. Nov 2021–Dec 2022).
  • Increased marketing spend by 94.41% ($3,558,769.42 to $6,918,511.46) to focus on new customer acquisition
  • Drove a 165.48% increase in conversions/sales (116,187.49 to 308,455.64)
  • Revenue soared by 156.45% ($8,954,663.12 to $22,964,492.88).
  • Increased ROAS by 31.92% (from 251.62% to 331.93%)
  • Reduced cost per conversion by 26.46% ($30.42 to $22.37)
  • We achieved these results while focusing over 90% of the budget on acquiring new customers.

94.41% increase in Cost

165.36% increase in Conversions/Sales

156.33% increase in Revenue


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