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Comfort One Shoes Achieves Consistently Higher ROAS, Reaches More New Customers, and Boosts Interest in Proprietary Brands after Partnering with Solutions 8

After switching to Shopify for better functionality and easier integration with their POS systems, Comfort One Shoes knew they still had work to do to reach their business goals. While existing customer sales remained steady, their marketing and outreach efforts needed improvement. Comfort One Shoes was looking for an experienced partner to run their Google Ads campaign and be able to do everything they needed—and Solutions 8 fit the bill.

Executive Summary

Profitable growth and brand recognition were high on the list of priorities when Comfort One Shoes approached Solutions 8 for help. They wanted to attract more new customers and call attention to their proprietary brands, but competing with larger vendors for search engine results was ultimately draining their budget and negatively impacting their ROAS. Solutions 8 helped turn things around in just 90 days.

90-Day Campaign Highlights 

• ROAS 27% ↑ on average

• Online conversions 230% ↑

• Cost per conversion 15% ↓ on average

About Comfort One Shoes

Comfort One Shoes is a locally owned family business founded in Alexandria, Virginia. They specialize in providing high-quality, stylish, and comfortable shoes from popular and high-end brands as well as their own exclusive labels, including Lazio, Lemon ‘n Lime, and Studio C. What began as a single location has grown to encompass numerous brick-and-mortar stores throughout the metro DC area and a thriving online business. Their commitment to service, selection, and style has made Comfort One Shoes an industry leader.

The Challenge: Staying Profitable, Keeping Pace With Larger Competitors

Although in business for nearly 30 years with 20 successful retail stores and a strong customer base, Comfort One Shoes was met with the same challenge many other independent brands faced. They wanted to maintain profitability and consistent growth while keeping their overall costs low, but competing against larger, well-known brands with bigger advertising budgets made it difficult.

The Solution: A Google Ads Manager With A Proven Formula For Success

Solutions 8 is a digital marketing agency dedicated solely to helping clients build, launch, and maintain highly successful Google Ads campaigns. Because Google Ads is their primary focus, they know the paid advertising platform better than anyone and were able to help Comfort One Shoes use it to their full advantage.

The Solutions 8 team went to work immediately, creating a customized campaign that incorporated a variety of different strategies.

Setting up a Google Smart Shopping campaign allowed Comfort One Shoes to be more proactive in their outbound targeting and stay out of the competitive landscape. It increased their ad exposure across all Google networks to reach customers who were interested in and ready to buy the products they offered.

Solutions 8 also implemented a secondary remarketing campaign specifically to show Comfort One Shoes brands to users coming to the website looking for other brands.

Karolyn Stewart

Comfort One Shoes Director of eCommerce Development

"[The initial implementation period] was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I thought we were going to have to do a ton of work and Solutions 8 just handled everything."

The Result: Increased Brand Awareness, Consistently Higher ROAS

In the first three months of working with Solutions 8, Comfort One Shoes saw their ROAS increase by 27 percent on average, their cost per conversion decrease by 15 percent on average, and the number of online conversions increase by 230 percent.

Product sales increased overall, and Comfort One Shoes was able to attract a wider audience thanks to broader outreach efforts.

With regard to improvements in vendor competition, the graph below indicates how the “lost impression share” metric was lowered, which measures the percentage of impressions lost due to low ad ranking.

google ads report

210 local people clicked an ad to call the store

New Patients: 180

246 local leads clicked to view the website

The Future: Additional Strategies For Consistent Growth And Outreach

Going forward, Solutions 8 will put in place additional strategies to ensure a consistent ROAS and enable Comfort One Shoes to reach even more new customers through their Google Ads campaign.

These strategies include rethinking the presentation of sale and clearance items to more effectively entice buyers and boost click-through rates and conversions. The resulting increase in sales will allow for more budget flexibility throughout the scope of the campaign. Online store imagery will also be updated to display items matching the current season and trends.

Solutions 8 will also create a YouTube remarketing campaign to increase engagement and enhance overall ad campaign performance. In addition, they will take advantage of Google Shopping Actions to help Comfort One Shoes expand into new sales channels.


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