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How The Foot Doc Achieved Their Lead Generation Goals Through Strategic Campaign Optimization

The Foot Doc is a full-service, double board certified podiatric provider that treats everything from everyday aches and pains to major foot and ankle injuries and deformities. 

They are committed to providing their patients with the highest quality of care, using both time-tested practices and the latest innovations in medicine.

Case Study Metrics​

Date Range: August 2023–October 2023


Total Ad Spend


Total Generated Revenue


Increase in Conversions


Quality Leads Acquired

The Challenge

The client was struggling to generate high-quality converting leads.

  • Low online business for their treatment center: The client lacked a strong online presence and struggled to attract new customers through online channels.

  • Need for high-quality converting leads: The client sought to generate leads that were more likely to convert into paying customers.

  • Initially high CPL: The client initially experienced high CPLs, indicating that they were paying a premium for each lead.

  • Need to optimize campaigns for lower CPA: The client sought to lower their CPA by optimizing their campaigns and improving their keyword strategy.

The Solution​

Optimizing campaigns from high CPL to Target CPL using keyword and bid strategies.

  • Established regular communication with the client: Conducted fortnightly meetings with the client to maintain open communication and ensure alignment on campaign goals and strategies.
  • Thorough data analysis and performance review: Regularly reviewed campaign performance data, including metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost-per-acquisition (CPA), to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven optimization decisions.
  • Continuous campaign monitoring and optimization: Proactively monitored campaigns on a daily basis to identify any potential performance issues or opportunities for optimization. This involved analyzing keyword performance, ad spend, and bid strategies to ensure campaigns were operating efficiently and effectively.

The Results​

  • Exceeded the client’s target CPL: Successfully achieved a CPL of $20–25, significantly lower than the client’s target of $50. This indicates that the campaign was able to generate a high volume of high-quality leads at a very cost-effective rate.
  • Generated a significant increase in calls: The campaign resulted in a doubling of incoming calls, indicating a substantial increase in lead generation. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the campaign in attracting potential customers.
  • Over-achieved the client’s expectations: The campaign’s performance surpassed the client’s expectations, generating more leads and calls than anticipated. This reflects the success of the campaign in achieving its objectives.
The Foot Doc Google Ads results


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