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Customer Relationship Management

Optimizing Lead Management Systems

Being able to collect, automate, and report on leads is crucial for any lead-based business. Boost your digital marketing with a customized CRM that is tailored to your needs.

CRM​ & Automations
CRM​ & Automations

Customer Data is Directly Related to Sales Growth

Which is why it is critical to identify and track every single point of contact with your current and prospective customers.

From their first interaction with your business to their first conversion and everything that happens afterward, each touchpoint carries essential data about your customers that can help you fine-tune your marketing messaging and ultimately improve customer retention.

As customers move through the sales funnel, CRM technology allows you to gather all of that data and store it in an easily accessible location—so you never miss a potential lead.

Solutions 8 CRM Services Help Your Business:

  • Get a custom CRM personalized for your needs

  • Build unlimited workflows, landing pages, and pipelines

  • Improve your conversion tracking with Offline Conversions and API

What are the Benefits of a Fully Customized CRM Solution?

Customer-Centric CRM Solutions

At the heart of everything you do is your relationship with your customers. When you focus your attention on cultivating those relationships, there are obvious benefits. 

CRM platforms allow you to easily collect, organize, and view customer data so that it can be used to make data-driven decisions about your marketing strategy. As a result, you will be able to identify and convert more leads

CRM technology also improves audience segmentation, which in turn allows you to create personalized, automated messaging tailored to your customers’ needs. This results in better engagement, increased customer retention, and a higher average customer lifetime value. 

And at the end of the day, better marketing leads to more happy and engaged customers, which leads to more conversions and sales for your business

Tailored CRM Solutions Suite

Every business is different, and you need a CRM that works for you. We combine all of the tools you need (and none of the tools you don’t) into a single platform so that you can:

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Every member of the Solutions 8 team is fully invested in helping our clients grow and thrive. We take a genuine interest in your success, and our expert client managers, account managers, strategists, and specialists manage every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns. Communication is always prompt and clear, and issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner.

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