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Master Google Ads for Free: Top Resources for Learning and Management From The Best Agency

The Internet loves the word “free.” It’s the ultimate clickbait. Using the term in subject lines or social posts can significantly boost your open and view rates. But of course, the catch is that you then need to follow through with actual free offerings—something that we’re more than happy to do!

An Arsenal of Free Resources

On our website under the Resources tab, you’ll discover a trove of complimentary resources labeled Free Stuff that we believe are incredibly valuable for any marketer or entrepreneur. Let’s take a look at what we have to offer.

1. How to Pick the Best Google Ads Agency

Admittedly, this is a somewhat self-serving guide, but it’s packed with beneficial content and information.

We also have a similar guide that you can buy as a book here.

2. Performance Max: The Ultimate Guide

New to Performance Max (PMax)? This is an ideal starting point. PMax is an important paradigm shift in advertising, so it’s essential to get acquainted.

3. Google Ads for YouTube: The Ultimate Guide

YouTube has proven to be our most effective lead-generation marketing channel, with us investing almost $200,000 monthly on YouTube alone.

4. The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing

Kaim’s book—praised as one of the top 100 marketing books ever written by Book Authority—is yours to download free of charge.

5. Performance Max Standard Operating Procedure

Get your hands on the SOP our team uses internally, custom-tailored to suit each client and campaign.

6. Customer Avatar Worksheet

Paired with a tutorial video, this worksheet helps you understand your target customers better.

7. The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

A perfect starting point for anyone new to Google Ads.

8. Checklist: 7-Step Google Ads Health Check

This is a seven-part training series on how to audit your Google Ad accounts and campaigns.

9. 92-Point Weekly Optimization Checklist

This checklist will help you identify errors, capture opportunities, and fix Google Ads campaigns so you can improve the effectiveness and success of your advertising efforts.

10. How to Land a Google Ads Specialist Job Checklist

Download this checklist to get insider tips from two industry experts so you can land a job as a Google Ads specialist. Kickstart your marketing career today!

11. How to Build Estimates and Performance Projections for Google Ads Campaigns

This includes a handy calculator, along with a tutorial on how to use it to determine profitability based on projected traffic costs.

12. The Pareto Talent System

Discover our unique system for finding and retaining top-notch talent.

13. Google Ads for eCommerce: The Ultimate Guide 

A step-by-step guide to Google Ads for eCommerce businesses. Don’t build a single campaign without this tutorial!

14. Google Ads for Lead Generation: The Ultimate Guide

This Ultimate Guide gives you everything you need to know about how to set up, build and optimize Google Ads for your lead generation business.

The Ultimate Guides for eCommerce and Lead Generation are ideal starting points, even if they may be slightly outdated due to recent changes.

15. Video Scripts for YouTube Ads

These are incredibly useful if you’re having a hard time figuring out what to say in your YouTube ads.

16. ROAS Goal Calculator

Even though we don’t advocate optimizing for ROAS standalone, it’s still useful to understand your cash in and out to achieve profitability.

17. How to Set Up Google Ads Purchase Conversion Action for Shopify Using GTM

This guide is particularly helpful since Shopify tends to add everything as a primary conversion action.

18. Secrets to Building and Managing a Profitable and Successful Business

This reflects the most positive response Kasim has received on any piece of media he’s ever shared.

Discover the most important things we learned in 17 years of doing business. This guide unpacks 17 lessons that will help you build a profitable and successful business.

19. How to Run a Lead Generation Campaign in YouTube Using Google Ads

Want to run video ads inside of YouTube? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to run lead generation campaigns on YouTube using Google Ads!

20. Quick and Easy Guide To Turn Features Into Benefits

One of the most critical copywriting skills you can acquire. Remember: features tell, but benefits sell.

21. You vs. Google

Our book, You vs. Google: The Very Unauthorized Guide to Google Ads has been a #1 marketing and advertising bestseller on Amazon. And guess what? You can have it for free too.

While a digital download of the book is available for free, it can also be purchased. Kindle copies go for $10, and paperbacks for $20. If you do grab a copy, please consider leaving a rating—it would mean the world to us.

All of these resources, as you might have guessed, are entirely free. However, they are gated, so prepare to receive emails from us—but you’re always free to unsubscribe.

Remember, you can find all of these resources and more at sol8.com/free-stuff. You can also explore our blog, knowledge base, and more. We’re here to support your journey in the digital marketing world. See you around!


Ashleigh is a Content Writer at Solutions 8. When she isn’t writing, you can find her in the Alps sipping the finest wine, walking in the mountains, or admiring the crystal blue waters of the river flowing near her home. She’s an avid Pokemon card collector and a massive fan of anything that screams ’90s nostalgia.

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