Preparing for a Recession: Kasim Joins Andy Mai on THE FLIP SIDE with Key Strategies for Staying Profitable and Sustaining Growth

Last updated by Pamela Sapio, August 20, 2022

Is the next big recession on the horizon? 

While U.S. economists are split about 50/50 on whether or not the next economic downturn is looming, former Federal Reserve President Bill Dudley recently told CNN, “Almost certainly there will be a full-blown recession. If we’re not in one yet, I think we will be in the next 12 months.” 

Solutions 8 founder and CEO Kasim Aslam agrees, and he recently sat down with Andy Mai on THE FLIP SIDE to discuss his own strategies for preparing for a recession while continuing to manage a thriving Google Ads Agency. 

In this value-packed podcast episode, Andy and Kasim start by examining the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency in the global economy, as well as the different types of cryptocurrency available (beyond Bitcoin) and what the future holds for digital currency. 

From there, they dive more deeply into the possible upcoming recession and what smart business can and should do to remain profitable and support growth

You definitely don’t want to miss it!

“If you’re in the marketing space, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re one of the levers people can pull and see money,” explains Kasim in the video, who goes on to say that smart business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs need to be ready to pivot. 

What’s worked in the past likely won’t be sustainable during a period of economic decline, so it’s important to be thinking about what makes money right now.

And speaking of what makes money, you’ll want to listen as Kasim and Andy discuss the value of people—and why investing in their talent pool is one of the smartest things businesses can do. Not surprisingly, Andy found that a common trait among billionaires is that they invest in people because people are the highest-returning asset

From there, Kasim shares his process for finding leads—which includes having the most active Google Ads-focused YouTube channel out there today with 12K+ subscribers—and what new entrepreneurs and brands should do if they’re just getting started. (Hint: Niche down!) 

He’ll also touch on the enormous value of Google’s new Performance Max campaigns, for eCommerce businesses especially. “I’ve never seen a product more powerful than Performance Max in my life,” says Kasim. 

Definitely check out the video!

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