Solutions 8: Proud DataFeedWatch Partners

(…And Yes, You Need a Data Feed Solution)

Let me preface with this:

I’m a big DataFeedWatch fan. In fact, Solutions 8 is a DFW partner—which is a pretty big deal (is this what #humble looks like?).

But partnership aside, I want to take this moment to shout two other things from the proverbial rooftop:

  1. DataFeedWatch is the best of the best when it comes to managing and optimizing your data feed.
  2. If you are an online retailer you need a dedicated platform to optimize your data feed.

Let me backup for a minute

(If you’re unfamiliar with what a product “data feed” is in the context of eCommerce, you can play catchup here).

As an online retailer, you use an eCommerce application, like Shopify, to distribute your products online. And while these platforms include a basic data feed solution, you simply cannot rely on these onboard feed solutions to optimize your feed.

Now, we love Shopify.

I could talk for hours about why I love Shopify.

But data feed optimization isn’t their thing.

It’s like getting your vision checked at your primary care doctor; you can get a general diagnosis, but that resource isn’t the one to correct your vision.

DataFeedWatch: Data feed optimization *is* their damn thing

Your product feed is a data entry nightmare.

I mean, it’s a list of everything you have to offer in your online store (all the associated product photos and descriptions, the variants and interdependent variants, the list goes on…) and then you have to push this extensive list out to different repositories to get online shoppers to peruse your products.

It sounds like it would be hard to *not* mess something up.

It is imperative that your products are accessible to these repositories—and  DataFeedWatch really helps with the remediation of this otherwise hellish process.

But more than that, if you don’t have a data feed-specific solution in place, you’re missing out on a significant percentage of the options available to you.

Take Smart Shopping for example:

Google has taken so much of the control away from users in-app that effective strategies depend on meticulous data feed optimization—split-testing, optimizing titles and descriptions, making sure URLs are consistent and that your feed is squeaky clean can make or break your success.

In short: Using a data feed tool is non-negotiable

Whether you give in to my peer pressure to use DataFeedWatch or you choose a different data feed tool, the real message is this:

Not using a data feed solution will put you at a significant disadvantage.

I push DataFeedWatch so hard only because they are part of the reason why our shopping ads are so successful. Seriously.

Learn More About 

How We Use DataFeedWatch Here

Or just take a look at some of their free resources.

When it comes to data feed optimization, you need a solution that is as robust as what DFW has to offer.

But no matter what you do, make sure that you, or your PPC agency, uses a data feed tool.

And as always, reach out with any questions—and check out our YouTube channel for helpful tips and insight.