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Solutions 8 Account Manager Eshan Desai Resides in Paradise and Relishes Every Minute

If you Google images of Goa, India, the results do not disappoint. 

Lonely Planet calls the west coast state a “pocket-sized paradise,” and it boasts everything from beaches to basilicas, waterfalls to World Heritage sites. 

It also happens to be the home of Solutions 8 Account Manager Eshan Desai—which is why, on the weekends, he says you can often find him at the beachside with his friends and cousins.

Eshan Travel

But it's not all sun and sand for this Google Ads expert.

Eshan takes his job very seriously, and he credits a friend and former coworker (hi Susmita!) with introducing him to the Solutions 8 family. 

He began as a Google Ads specialist but soon graduated to the position of account manager after “swiftly grasping the intricacies of my role.”

Now, he spends his nights helping our clients grow and scale. This involves analyzing accounts, investigating red flags, and collaborating with colleagues to find new ways to optimize campaign performance. He says because every client and every industry is different, the biggest challenge is often seeing the big picture and creating different roadmaps for each client’s unique needs. Lucky for him, his teammates are always there to help out. 

“Solutions 8 is a treasure and encyclopedia for learning,” says Eshan. “The best part is that no matter what troubles or barriers you come across, there will always be someone to help you out. All you have to do is reach out.” 

And it looks like his exceptional work ethic is paying off, because he told me that he managed to sustain a steady MER throughout the entirety of 2023, even as he consistently increased ad spend for a UK-based client—an accomplishment he was extremely proud of.

Of course, we all have a dream career.

Eshan Travel Desert

And Eshan’s is about as far from Google Ads as you can get. 

His dream job is to be a travel influencer, and he says he’d love to travel around the world and post about his adventures without having to worry about a bank balance. 

When asked about his favorite place he’s ever visited, he told me about Manali in Himachal Pradesh (which, OMG, looks absolutely amazing), and at the top of his “someday” travel list are France, Greece, and Switzerland. 

Until the travel influencer gig happens, he says his #1 goal in life is to put all of his energy and effort into his current career so that he can travel to different places with his family. That includes his parents, his wife, and a beautiful one-year-old daughter. 

“I admire my mother the most because even at this age, she always strives to learn and develop and get better at things,” Eshan shared. “Recently, she learned how to use a laptop, pay bills online, and use email.”

Eshan and Daughter

Outside of work, Eshan is pretty laid-back.

His hobbies include playing cricket and football with his neighborhood buddies, spending time with his daughter, watching travel vlogs, and driving his electric scooter. 

He also told me that he has a “secret riverside broken bridge spot” where he likes to hang out and chill with his friends. 

This fits with his easygoing childhood memories, which include sitting beside his grandparents and listening to their stories about how strict their parents were, and how the British rule affected their daily lifestyle. 

And it’s no wonder he’d spend his last day on Earth with all of his near-and-dear ones (including all of his cats) at a beach feasting on some delicious homemade food.

Eshan Colorful

If he started a business? It would be a restaurant.

“There are different tastes across different states in my country, and I would like to serve all of the main dishes from each state of India in one restaurant.” He says it would be an everyday go-to place for a daily consumer.

And speaking of food, he says that if money were no object, he would buy food for the poor. 

“I am a strong believer in destiny,” he shared. “Everyone is here on the planet for a reason. And what better way to change the world and be remembered than by supplying food?

Eshan Snow

Let's get personal.

Eshan told me his friends would describe him as shy, introverted, and not easily convinced. Someone who says yes to everything, even if he doesn’t enjoy doing it.

His family, on the other hand, would likely describe him as hardworking and respectful—even if they think he spends too much money on material things. 

The quickest way to lose his trust is to make promises and not deliver on them, especially for very important commitments. And when asked about his favorite qualities about himself, he told me, “I like to help people to the best of my ability, no matter what circumstance I face. I also think I’m patient and an avid listener.”

Finally, something that absolutely terrifies Eshan is when he’s traveling somewhere and there is no internet, so he has to rely on maps. 

Being so spoiled by our modern digital age, I’m sure most of us can relate!


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