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Top Tips For Running Successful Lead Generation Ads From The GAds Girls

The GAds Girls are back! And they’re here to share valuable tips for creating successful Google Ads lead generation campaigns. Mel, Carmen, and Leandra are going to cover a whole host of juicy tidbits to help you get the most out of your data.

Top Tips For Running Successful Lead Generation Ads From The GAds Girls

Using Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a tool that Solutions 8 has made available to all its clients. It’s a piece of code that is easily installed into GTM. It can help track recordings and heat maps, both of which are very useful in understanding the activity on website pages. 

Clarity allows you to localize problems on landing pages to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Tools like Microsoft Clarity give an added benefit to any marketing team. The ability to see the behaviors and actions of users after they get to the landing page offers a head start in optimizing a lead gen campaign.

In the case of one client, Carmen and her team saw that people were using the call button more than the booking form button. For this particular client, Solutions 8 simply added more phone numbers to the landing page. What an advantage!

Tracking Button Clicks

What steps can we take to overcome blockages and obstacles in lead gen campaigns? Finding out why some actions are not converting can play an imperative role in your overall strategy. Tracking button clicks, while simultaneously leveraging Clarity, is a smart way to get ahead.

alt text 3 funnel awareness

From the top all the way to the bottom of the sales funnel, tracking button clicks, tracking submit forms, and tracking your calls to action is a logical step to monitor your users’ behavior. It guarantees a big-picture view of strengths and weaknesses in the campaign itself.

Mel points out it is good to see where people are dropping off. They might have submitted the form but haven’t moved on to the next step. What’s the reason for that, you may ask yourself? It’s obvious you have good click-through rates, you have good traffic, and the metrics hold up well, too. 

That’s where a tool such as Clarity comes in handy. It helps us see the heat map and check out landing pages. It lets us see why conversions aren’t coming through, making it easier for us to resolve the issue. Tracking button clicks through the entire sales funnel gives you insight into what exactly is going on along the conversion path.

alt text 4 call tracking metrics

Tracking phone calls is another option to monitor whether or not the sale is converting. Different systems allow us to listen in on phone calls. The Call Tracking Metrics platform is an excellent way to rate the quality of calls, which in turn can be passed on to Google Ads. The information can help Google Ads understand what is a good call and what is a bad call. 

Wrong numbers and missed calls can make a huge difference to your business. Google Ads costs for CPCs can be expensive. If your business has a call center and 20% to 30% of calls are being missed per month, you can imagine the impact that has on your business.

alt text 5 measure conversion sales screenshot 7:13

In this graph set up to measure sales conversions, we are using a client who has a ‘Book a Tour’ form and a call button. As you can see, there were 16 button clicks in the last 14 days but only half of those ended up converting by filling out the form.

We are missing a lot of opportunities, or perhaps the landing page isn’t being optimized. Is the ‘Book a Tour’ form too long or too difficult? That’s a problem that we can solve. 

This leads us to our next point.

Optimizing The Lead Forms

alt text 6 optimizing lead forms

What should a form include? How long should it be? What does an optimized lead form look like? 

Leandra’s extensive experience acknowledges that this all depends on which campaign you are leaning toward. For example, everyone would agree that a PMax campaign requires a longer form.

alt text 7 Pmax campaign longer forms

Whatever you decide on, it makes sense that the more information you get out of a completed form, the higher the quality of your conversions. A short and sweet submit form would be ideal. However, a couple of extra questions can weed out those people you don’t necessarily want before you submit the form.

The setup of a submit form can also be a strong influence in getting leads. The structure of the submit form will depend highly on what stage of the funnel the client currently finds themselves. For instance, if the form is found on the initial landing page, you will need more information on the product or the service before committing to anything.

alt text 8 landing page info

If, on the other hand, the form is in the middle of your website, the likelihood that people are familiar with your goods and services means there’s less need for more information on your landing page.

There’s an advantage in a healthy balance between having the basics and having a few good qualifying questions to make sure this is a lead that is worth it for the client to follow up on. 

In the meantime, you don’t want to scare them away with a 50-question form. It shouldn’t be too overwhelming. At the same time, the submit form should be complex enough that only high-intentioned people will fill it out.

The Importance Of Having A Good CRM

alt text 9 CRM

Mel, Carmen, and Leandra emphasize the importance of CRM utilization, providing examples and strategies to make the most of your data. It is crucial to have a good CRM for when you capture the lead forms and the phone calls. 

We occasionally have clients that don’t have CRM or perhaps they do, but they don’t know how to use it. It might not be set up correctly or the staff doesn’t know how to use it properly. 

We step in and underline that this is the fundamental solution, where all your business information is being fed into one place. From there, we take all of that precious material and use it to the client’s utmost advantage.

If we have access, our Solutions 8 team spends a lot of time going into clients’ CRMs to ensure the data is being used properly, and that includes making the best decisions for our ads.

If the client doesn’t want to share CRM access with its Google Ads agency, simply having a tracker can be just as efficient. For example, HubSpot can show you where quality leads are attached to specific keywords. A keyword trend that could potentially give you a twenty thousand dollar sale is not to be missed. A tracker will help us focus on that keyword and make the most of its conversion possibilities. Let’s remember: information, first and foremost, comes from your CRM.

Remarketing Strategies For Lead Generation

Remarketing is the type of campaign that picks up a lot of leads that you may not have capitalized on in the past. Any customer who has been in your system or on your website for some time is a potential lead in a Remarketing campaign. YouTube Remarketing is especially effective for lead generation.

alt text 10 YouTube Remarketing

For one of Mel’s clients, Solutions 8 created four different YouTube Remarketing campaigns for four different services it offered. Each service had its own CTA and submit form through the funnel. It helped base the audience off each service, allowing the team to come back around to those who had spent time mulling over a service but didn’t convert in the end. These people are potential customers and when we tailor remarketing to the call to action as close as we can, the chances of conversion are much higher.

And that’s it for our top tips from the GAds Girls. With these practical insights, we hope you have found a nugget or two of valid information as you aim to elevate your lead generation game. Check out our other blogs and videos for more handy hints!


Jani is a copywriter at Solutions 8 with a passion for short stories, dancing under the stars, and 80s pop music. Her soul’s purpose is to turn herself into a masterpiece. Her future is filled with green fields, flowers, sunshine, and poetry.

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