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Newest YouTube Videos

Kasim reveals a bold prediction about the future of digital marketing in 2024—anticipating a market collapse in the paid media space! Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion on the future of paid media and the emerging trends that could reshape the industry.

Kasim shares a valuable tip for content creators, especially info-marketers. The strategy involves bundling together all previously created content that is no longer actively used as lead magnets or gated content.

John shares the strategy of how he applies hypersegmentation of Standard Shopping campaigns. He reveals his three-step process for maximizing eCommerce visibility and sales in this different variation of the campaign.

Articles & Podcasts

We have a clever little hack to help you navigate search terms and get the most out of your budget. Splitting keywords and duplicating campaigns are just a part of our strategy.

John tested the Google Demand Gen campaign. We spent $30K in 3 weeks and doubled our leads inside Google Ads for the same ad spend… or so we thought. Join John as he dissects the data and reveals the hidden truths behind the numbers.

Ralph and Kasim expertly navigate the collaborative strengths of Google and Meta ads, highlighting how the strategic use of these platforms in tandem can significantly amplify marketing outcomes.

Big News & Upcoming Events

Kasim talks about The Future of Small Agencies on the Operation Agency Freedom Podcast with Chris Martinez.
Dive deep into the strategies for small agencies to thrive in an AI-driven world, with Kasim’s insights on staying nimble and embracing technology. Uncover the challenges and opportunities as AI transforms the job landscape and the importance of adaptation for agencies, and more.
Watch the episode here or listen to it here.

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