Weekly Update: October 30 – November 3, 2023

Last updated by Joan Porio, November 7, 2023

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Newest YouTube Videos

Want to get more high-quality leads from your Google Ads campaigns? Discover how to prioritize BOF keywords and break through your marketing goals with this simple but effective strategy to get high-quality leads even if you have a small budget.

While sales funnels have been heavily promoted in marketing, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Kasim and Ralph explore that depending on the nature of the business and other factors, a sales funnel might not be needed. Learn more about it here.

Kasim and Ralph share the advantages of joining a mastermind, straight from the Driven Mastermind in Cancún, Mexico. They highlight the incredible network, successful entrepreneurs, and shared experiences within the mastermind.

Kasim and Ralph discuss the value of rewarding high assists rather than high scorers for improving company culture, drawing an analogy to sports. They emphasize that recognizing and encouraging individuals who contribute through “assists” is essential for a team’s success. 

Kasim and Ralph discuss why the days of solo channel agencies might be numbered. They emphasize that these agencies must adapt to a changing landscape, with automation taking over many tasks.

Articles & Podcasts

Regina Bellows, executive director of StarterPPC, will take you through an informative example that demonstrates how applying tROAS and tCPA affects your impressions, clicks, and budget.

Ralph and Ian Garlic dive into the intricacies of content creation in the digital age, exploring the delicate balance between algorithmic demands and authentic storytelling.

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