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Three Tips for Writing Amazing Ad Copy + Bonus Tip for Improving Your Performance Max Ads

Turn your ad copy into magic with these three simple tips. 

Make sure you read until the end to score a bonus tip that will help you on your way to writing excellent Google Ads copy.

Table of Contents:

  1. Capitalize all the words within your ad copy.
  2. Understand the needs and perceptions of your customer.
  3. Use numbers and specific examples.
3 tips for writing amazing ad copy YouTube - Solution 8

Tip #1: Capitalize all the words within your ad copy.

The one goal when writing good ad copy is how much noise it can make on the page of Google search results. When I say noise, I mean, “Hey, look at me!” kind of noise. 

Your ad copy needs to stand out, and capitalizing all your words within the headlines and descriptions will help achieve this. 


It takes more space on the page, improves legibility, and sees a higher click-through rate on mobile devices.

Let’s take a look at the following example: 

The brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Which then becomes:

The Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog.

Every little thing helps when you’re competing against other running ad campaigns. Drawing attention, bringing in the prospects, and making them click is the primary motivation behind tinkling those magic ad copy fingers.

Tip #2: Understand the needs and perceptions of your customer.

ad copy customer pain points

The main point of ad copy is to address a pain point or problem customers are confronting and tell them how your product will solve it. 

Therefore, we focus and home in on their needs by talking about the benefits of our product and how it’s the ultimate solution for them.

For example:

Drones Go Where Tractors Can’t | Tackle Applications That Were Previously Impossible

We’d stated clearly how our product is going to serve our customers and solve their problems when it comes to spraying hard-to-reach areas of their crops.

Humans are emotional beings, and we’re more likely to react to ad copy tugging at our heartstrings. Try to trigger feelings of intrigue; however that may look, your goal is to emotionally move them enough to make them click on your ad.

Anything that encourages a little giggle and laugh is always great. Don’t be afraid to use humor within your ad copy as long as it’s Google approved.

Let’s look at the following example:

Avoid The Plumber’s Crack | Shorts That’ll Always Fit Right | Shop Zero Shorts Online

The reference to a “plumber’s crack” was found in a product review and is an excellent example of how we can gain insight into the emotional attributes of our customers. 

We’ve mimicked the same humor (tone) and integrated it into the structure of our ad copy to attract new potential customers of the same audience.

Use customer reviews when you can, since they add credibility and social proof to your ad copy.

Customers are more likely to trust you if your product or services are backed by reviews and testimonials.

For example:

See What Our Customers Have To Say, “Excellent Graphics,” “Nice Fit,” “Will Buy Again!”

Tip #3: Use numbers and specific examples.

Google Ads copy tips

Using numbers and data within your ad copy will always help persuade and convince potential customers that you’re the right choice.

Check out these examples below:

70K+ 5 Star Reviews

See Big Results | Lose Up To 19lbs & 5 Inches Off Your Waist In Your First 4 Weeks

35+ Years Of Attorney Experience

Securities Simplified | Over $3.5 Billion Raised By Our Clients | Schedule An Appointment

Numbers are visually different and will stand out straight away amongst a string of words grabbing attention almost immediately.

Don’t be vague when stating facts and statistics, as they create authority and are far more effective than making generalizations.

BONUS TIP: Performance Max

Under the Performance Max section of Google Ads, under the “ad copy” tab, you’ll see to the right on the menu “performance.”

Underneath this heading are the words “low,” “good,” and “best.” 

Google will rate your ad copy and recommend the best copy to use within your campaigns. The performance status is determined by Google’s algorithm and how it sees people interacting with your ads.

Note: If you make changes, it will set the status to “pending.” Other statuses will only show when your Performance Max campaigns have been running for a while, and you haven’t made recent edits to the campaigns.

It gives you an idea of what you need to change or edit to get the best ad copy in front of customers.

By implementing these tips, you will push your ad copy out there and in front of the eyes of potential prospects who are just waiting to see what you have to offer.


Ashleigh is a Content Writer at Solutions 8. When she isn’t writing, you can find her in the Alps sipping the finest wine, walking in the mountains, or admiring the crystal blue waters of the river flowing near her home. She’s an avid Pokemon card collector and a massive fan of anything that screams ’90s nostalgia.

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