The 4 Best Ways to Find Freelance Writers (and What You Should Do Instead)

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Can Bad Writers Make Great Blogs?

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Read This Blog (And You’ll Get a Donut)

Chances are, you aren’t still reading this because you believe you’ll get a donut. But I had you wondering, right? I apologize for the bait and switch, but I did […]

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How to Write Intriguing Headlines

There are blog titles that catch our eye and those that we pass right on by. Think about it. Which headlines catch your eye? Those are the ones that you […]

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Indoctrination and Engagement Campaign Part Two: What We Need from You

Last week, I explained what an indoctrination and engagement email campaign is and why we use it at Solutions 8.Like I said last week, this email series makes it super […]

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Killer Subject Lines’ Not-So-Secret Weapon? Basic Psychology.

From a marketing standpoint, things would be so simple if our prospective customers were just blank-eyed, gape-mouthed fish, swimming around their pond with their fishy little desires and brains. All […]

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How to Sell a Good Night’s Sleep

When it comes to marketing campaigns, you’re not really selling tangible things.If you’re in the jewelry business, you’re not selling metals, you’re selling love. If you’re a realtor, you’re not […]

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7 Essentials to Writing Irresistible Landing Page Copy

So, you created the perfect lead magnet after our discussion last week. Congratulations!

*Golf clap*

But there’s more work to be done.

That landing page now needs a place to live where it […]

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Getting to Know You: Writing Content for a New Client

So you have a new client. Depending on where you work, you’ve most likely read through their onboarding material, possibly met with or spoken with them and researched them and […]

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