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FLoC: Google’s New Privacy Initiative And How It Impacts Advertisers

People don’t like websites tracking what they do. But websites (like Google) need to track users to get paid by advertisers. With privacy policies like the GDPR and their warning to advertising platforms, Google has to choose: Advertisers or users? The answer: FLoC—a new way of tracking users while maintaining a “privacy-first” future for web […]

Kasim Aslam Is a Featured Speaker at the Affiliate Summit East 2021

Without fail, each Affiliate Summit event features an all-star lineup of industry rockstars who educate and empower eCommerce businesses and digital marketers alike to grow and scale effectively. So, it’s an honor (and a no-brainer) that Solutions 8 founder and fearless leader, Kasim Aslam, was asked to speak at Affiliate Summit East this year. What […]

Solutions 8: Proud DataFeedWatch Partners

(…And Yes, You Need a Data Feed Solution) Let me preface with this: I’m a big DataFeedWatch fan. In fact, Solutions 8 is a DFW partner—which is a pretty big deal (is this what #humble looks like?). But partnership aside, I want to take this moment to shout two other things from the proverbial rooftop: […]

How to Use Local Campaigns for Storefronts in Google Ads

 As more people shift to online shopping, it’s easy to assume the web is paving the way for the downfall of physical storefronts. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit dramatic. Still, you can’t deny that online shopping is becoming more popular by the day (with or without a global pandemic… but that’s another story). […]

How to Write Amazing Google Ads Text Ads

 Ad copy. It’s one of the most important aspects of creating a high-performing Google Ads campaign, so making sure you get it right is critical.  First things first, there is a time to be cute and creative with your ad copy, and this is not it. Google Ads content is bottom of funnel (BoFu) […]

How to Use NEW Google Ads Custom Audiences

 Google is better than Facebook. … There, we said it! Hear us out: In Facebook Ads, you can tweak and refine your ads to achieve this level of specification. But in Google Ads, there’s now a shortcut that gets right to the end. Google recently introduced a new way to define a custom audience. […]

How to Choose Your Max CPC In Google Ads

When it comes to Google Ads and cost-per-click (CPC), your bids make all the difference. And, to help you out, Google recommends a “first page bid estimate” to help you get on the first page. This automated feature indicates which keywords are below the first page bid, and ultimately, how much you need to bid […]