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The Golden Metric: How to Calculate Your ROAS Goal

There are dozens of ways to measure the performance of a Google Ads campaign: Impressions. Click-through rate. Conversions…   But at Solutions 8, we argue that ROAS should be one of your highest priorities when it comes to tracking campaign performance.   Here’s Why ROAS is so much more than just another acronym in our […]

Laying the Groundwork for Success: The Solutions 8 Onboarding Process

We didn’t develop the most effective marketing approach on the planet overnight. As they say, with age comes experience, and for Solutions 8 that means more than a decade spent developing a proven formula for building, launching, and managing wildly successful paid ad campaigns for our clients. So what’s our secret? Well, we have a […]

Smart Shopping Campaigns:  Why They Outperform Normal Shopping Campaigns

As a retailer, your online marketing goals are pretty simple:  Reach more shoppers who want exactly what you’re selling.  Sure, extra website visits and browsers are welcome — but you want commitment. No more dragging feet or backing out last-minute; you want shoppers who want you. And for a while, marketing yourself with Google Ads […]

Solutions 8 Partner Spotlight: Design Pickle

As a team of genius digital gangsters, Solutions 8 is obsessed with finding creative solutions for everything under the sun. Sometimes, this involves partnering with other like-minded companies who share our values, goals, and appreciation for innovation. Design Pickle is one of those companies.   Founded in 2015, Design Pickle Is THE Graphic Design Platform […]
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