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15 Ways To Speed Up WordPress Websites in 2017

You’ve got a website you’re proud of. You’ve worked hard to fill it with top-notch, compelling content and eye-grabbing images. You’ve even got great ads, robust social media engagement, killer […]

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20 Reasons Why Shopify Is The Best eCommerce for 2017!

In the world of eCommerce, picking a platform to build your online business can be scary because it is semi-permanent. I say semi, because after you purchase your domain, set […]

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Six Steps to Plan Your 2016 Content Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret: content is important.

So important, in fact, that 76% of B2C marketers report using content marketing (source); find that hard to believe? Perhaps that is because an underwhelming […]

Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization: B.F.F.’s (Best Friends Forever)

Want to know a secret? Search Engine Marketing is one of THE best ways to acquire new customers. Period.

Here at Solutions 8, we talk a lot about SEO (Search Engine […]

7 Key Steps to Functional Design: Are You Using Your Website To Its Fullest?

We talk a lot here at Solutions 8 about the one very important question everyone must ask before designing (or redesigning) their website − what do you want your website […]

5 Absolutely Essential Elements of a Custom Website

There’s a lot more to a successful website than a pretty design.

Don’t get us wrong  ̶  we love pretty websites. But a custom website should do more than just look […]

How to Maintain an Ongoing Web Presence in One Day a Month

You already know that you want to be active online. When a prospect, potential client or even an existing client comes across any one of your digital properties (website, social […]

Getting Started Part Three: Mobile

Getting Started Part Three: Mobile


Follow best practices…check!

What’s next?

Before we saddle up the horse and go gallivanting off into the mystic world of social media we need to make one very […]

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Getting Started Part Two: Website Best Practices

Our last blog was a brilliant and poetic dissertation on the first steps to take when embarking on the grand sojourn that will be your digital marketing strategy…or something like […]

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Getting Started Part Four: The “F” Word


Hopefully we are well past the “but why do I need a Facebook page?” phase you went through not too long ago. If not please abandon all hope of digital […]

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