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How Solutions 8 Used Simplero to Create an LMS, Membership Platform, and Go Live with an Online Business in 90 Days

Imagine the benefits of a digital marketing platform tailor-made for your business—one that allows for complete member integration and incorporates decades of shared knowledge and best practices into user-friendly online courses.

With the help of an innovative software tool called Simplero, Solutions 8 helped Nido Marketing do exactly that.

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Meet Nido Marketing

Nido Marketing was founded to promote the unique benefits of the Montessori Method of education, which encourages children to learn and grow as they would naturally: through hands-on discovery in a less structured environment. Dedicated to increasing enrollment and supporting the growth and success of Montessori schools worldwide, Nido Marketing is the only marketing agency founded by a Montessorian and dedicated to sharing the tools and knowledge developed over decades of operating Montessori schools.

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The challenge: how to do it all

For many Montessori educators, developing a digital marketing strategy gets shuffled to the back burner while they’re busy juggling parents, tours and the countless day-to-day tasks of running a Montessori school. Not only that, but marketing today is far more complex than in the past, requiring a working knowledge of everything from pay-per-click ad campaigns and content optimization to using the latest tools to increase online visibility.

How great would it be if there were some way to combine all of that under one roof so Montessori schools worldwide could access shared information and communicate with one another to offer tips and best practices?

Enter Solutions 8 and Simplero

Nido Marketing looked to Solutions 8 for help creating an online portal for Montessori educators to learn, collaborate and share ideas with one another—and Simplero was exactly the right tool for the job.


“It was like somebody had reached into our brains and said, ‘Let me build you the perfect software tool for what you need,’” said Solutions 8 Operations Director Stephen Hutson. “It really felt like a custom software solution.”

Simplero’s groundbreaking software had everything Solutions 8 needed to develop a members-only website for Nido Marketing capable of housing a full online course catalog as well as live training, step-by-step tutorials, downloadable marketing materials and templates, and a place where Montessorians can connect with one another to ask and answer questions and discuss marketing strategies.

Building all of this into one online platform (and doing it without breaking the bank) might sound like a challenge, but Simplero offered a simple, cost-effective solution complete with a first-rate support team that has been there every step of the way.

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From brainstorm to full-fledged business in just 90 days

Thanks to Solutions 8 and Simplero, Nido Marketing is up and running and helping Montessori schools grow through the power of digital marketing.

“I have full trust in the Simplero software,” says Hutson. “There is no need for a bunch of different tools or two dozen plugins; it’s all right there and the end result is that we have everything we need in this one tool to seamlessly run a business.”

Now it’s your turn.

Montessori schools nationwide are seeing the benefit of a customized online digital marketing platform to help them grow their online presence and drive admissions—but the possibilities don’t end there.

Using Simplero, we helped Nido Marketing build an entire agency around the unique needs of Montessori schools. Just think what we could do for your business. Got 15 minutes to find out more? Give us a shout! 


Patience is the former director of marketing and communications for Solutions 8. A phenomenal content writer, copywriter, editor, and marketer, she has played a prominent role in helping Solutions 8 become an authority in the Google Ads space. Patience is also the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Google Ads Agency and You vs Google.

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