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Just When We Thought Our Team Couldn’t Get Any More Awesome, Solutions 8 Operations Specialist Eurice Echaves Joins the Ranks

Even amid a global pandemic, there are silver linings. Take Solutions 8 Operations Specialist Eurice Echaves, who definitely wouldn’t be the star of this blog if the recent health crisis hadn’t forced so many businesses to make tough decisions. When the company she’d been working for had to lay off employees because of COVID-19, Eurice […]


Arizona Pain Treatment Centers (AZPTC) Marketing Director Calee Williams was tired of getting lip service from marketing agencies that promised the world but failed to deliver results once the check had been cashed.


The California-based company quickly had their tracking issues solved and saw immediate improvement after partnering with Solutions 8.

Recycled Firefighter

Recycled Firefighter Boosted Their ROAS, Increased Brand Awareness, and Reached More Customers after Partnering with Solutions 8

Comfort One Shoes

Comfort One Shoes Achieves Consistently Higher ROAS, Reaches More New Customers, and Boosts Interest in Proprietary Brands after Partnering with Solutions 8

Google Analytics Attribution Modeling and Top Conversion Paths: Using Visitor Interactions to Market More Effectively

Every business, no matter the size or industry, wants to reach more potential customers so they can grow and increase their profits. It’s a no-brainer, really. And guess what? So is using digital marketing to promote your products and services. Only nowadays, marketers can do so much more than simply create ad content to showcase […]
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