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Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Step One – Business Builder

Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Table of Contents

Step One -Business Builder: “Your company’s spirit is much like any person’s. Spirit is about who you are, what you believe, what your goals are, what you have to offer, who you want to connect with and where you fit in the whole scheme of things.”

Step Two – Online Foundation Builder: “As we set about building your company’s ‘body,’ we need to make sure it’s built for stamina, speed, aggressiveness, adaptability and growth so it can successfully withstand and surmount the web’s challenging terrain.”

Step Three – Funnel Development and the Logical Sequence to a Sale: “Just as your brain needs separate lobes to carry out specific functions, every one of your company’s offerings requires its own master plan.”

Step Four – Traffic Builder: “Once we’ve created a purposeful, robust, intelligent vital entity, we need to feed it generously and make sure rejuvenating oxygen is being circulated throughout.

Step Five – Optimization and Growth: “It’s time to pump some iron and begin post-grad studies (since our growth stresses the intellectual as well as the physical).

If you’re one of those rare, intrepid people with enough intestinal fortitude to do more than just dream of owning their own business, Solutions 8 understands what makes you tick. But more than that, we understand that your business is a reflection of you, that it lives and breathes, and that you’re going to do everything you can to see it thrive and grow to the very limits of its potential. In this series of blogs dedicated to the power of digital marketing, Solutions 8 will explain why we’re your missing link, your future secret weapon and, dare we say, the prospective wind beneath your wings.

Since your business is a living entity, every step in our digital marketing strategy has been designed to focus on one of five crucial aspects that each requires particular, exacting attention for your business to flourish:  Spirit, Body, Mind, Exercise, and Growth.

Actualizing Your Company’s True Spirit

Simply put, your company’s spirit is much like any person’s. Spirit is about who you are, what you believe, what your goals are, what you have to offer, who you want to connect with and where you fit in the whole scheme of things.

When you become a Solutions 8 client, the first thing we’re going to talk about is:

You – This should be the easy part since you’ve been thinking about most of these things from the moment you knew you’d become a business owner.

  • Mission – What is it that you primarily want to do for your customers? Your employees? Your community?
  • Vision – Imagine your business when it’s fully realized and at the peak of its potential. What does that look like?
  • Values – How are you going to get where you need to go? What types of strategies will you employ? How much credence will you give to key elements such as customer service, communication, thought leadership, etc.?
  • Goals – We’re asking for both short- and long-term here. Where do you see your company next year regarding growth and profit margin? How about in 15 years? What will be the short- and long-term benefits of being one of your customers?

Your OfferingWhat make you so special? Don’t be afraid to get cocky here.

  • Unique Selling Proposition – You know you’ve got something extraordinary to offer, or we wouldn’t even be here. Tell us why you’re different, why your product’s better and what you know that no one else knows.
  • Product Market Fit – How will your product change things for your customers? What will you give them that they don’t have now? How will they feel after purchasing from you? How will your product affect their average day? Will your product improve their status?
  • Guarantee – In terms of your level of commitment, your dear customers deserve nothing less than a rock-solid pledge. What types of promises are you willing to make and stand behind?

Your CustomerThis is someone you really want to know, inside and out, like the back of your hand. Together we’re going to identify, investigate, analyze, talk, go through trash . . . Well, maybe not that far, but you get the idea.

  • Demographic Study – We’ll help you identify your target demographic and discern their particular traits, abilities, needs, wants, etc.
  • Avatar Worksheet – This is going to be intense. While your target demographic is a group of potential customers, your avatar is a complex, cogitative individual with unique desires, interests, habits, aspirations, fears and challenges. We’re going to get inside your avatar’s head with a series of precise questions designed to go deep and pinpoint any and all personal aspects that might work in your company’s favor.
  • ‘Be’ Your Avatar – Once we know your avatar, we need to try on his or her shoes. What would your avatar say is their most essential and pressing need? Solutions 8 will help you determine that need and help you strategize the ways in which your company will work to fulfill it.

Your IndustryHere’s where you get to relax a bit and let Solutions 8 put its prodigious business acumen to work running comprehensive industry analyses and then telling you what they mean.

  • Industry Analysis – We identify and study all facets of your chosen industry, including lifecycle, growth potential, driving forces, technological changes, shakeout rates, etc.
  • Competitive Analysis – We find out who your rivals are, narrow the focus to a few major players and find out all kinds of exciting thing like their strategic intent, core competencies, competitive advantages, financial information, etc. We study them from every angle and then tell you what it’s going to take to beat them.
  • Unrivaled Trend Tracking and Analysis – Our bread and butter are recognizing and analyzing trends, so we employ a carefully chosen arsenal of trend-tracking web tools (Google Trends, BuzzSumo, and HARO, to name a few) and wield them faster and more skillfully than Wyatt Earp drew his Colt .45. We’ll let you know what’s coming, what you need to do about it and what your company’s status is at any given moment.

At Solutions 8, you’re more than just a client; you’re a partner. We don’t succeed unless you do and we are fully invested in helping you take your vision all the way. Contact us today for a free consultation or click here to receive updates, so you’ll be sure not to miss our next installment, “Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Step Two – Online Foundation Builder.”


Bryan is the marketing manager at Solutions 8, and has been on digital marketing since 2018. When he’s not working, you’ll find him working out at a local gym, reading personal development books, or playing music at home. He feels weird writing about himself in third person.

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