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How to Send Cold Search Traffic to Amazon For More Sales

Are you looking to boost your sales growth, lower your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and increase your global conversion rate? Suppose your brand is already thriving on platforms like Meta or Google. In that case, there’s an innovative strategy you might not have tapped into yet: sending cold search traffic directly to Amazon using Amazon attribution. This approach can leverage the inherent trust customers have in Amazon, potentially leading to more sales and a better return on ad spend (ROAS).

Understanding the Power of Amazon Attribution

Amazon operates as a closed ecosystem, often leaving marketers in the dark about who their new versus returning customers are. However, we can uncover fascinating insights by analyzing customer Lifetime Value (LTV). For instance, a dermaplaning tool that never received a dime in marketing spend became a second bestseller with almost a quarter million sales in a year. This success was largely due to customers searching for the brand on Amazon and purchasing there.

Leveraging Amazon's Brand Recognition in Google Ads

To capitalize on this phenomenon, marketers can use underutilized assets such as search campaigns for eCommerce, especially for products with a low Average Order Value (AOV). By driving cold Google search traffic to your Product Detail Page (PDP) on Amazon, you can take advantage of Amazon’s brand recognition to encourage purchases.

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Crafting Amazon-Branded Ads in Google

Creating Google ads that mimic Amazon’s branding can be highly effective. For example, using the Amazon logo and business name in your ads can lead to high-quality scores and above-average Click-Through Rates (CTRs). This strategy allows you to control ad copy, headlines, and logos while maintaining a strong ad position at a low cost per click.

The Results: High Conversion Rates and Lower CAC

The results speak for themselves. With the right strategy, you can achieve conversion rates that are nothing short of remarkable. For example, one campaign saw 23 click-throughs resulting in 20 purchases. By targeting keywords related to your product and Amazon, such as “dermaplaner” or “Amazon dermaplaner,” you can direct potential customers straight to your Amazon listing, bypassing the competition.

Maximizing ROI with Strategic Bidding and Tracking

Maximizing your ROI involves using strategies like Max Clicks bidding without a bid cap, which can lead to inexpensive clicks due to the high quality score awarded by Google to Amazon-linked ads. Additionally, by developing individual tracking links for each keyword, you can optimize your Google keywords for Amazon sales more effectively.

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Beyond Sales: Improving Organic Rank on Amazon

This strategy doesn’t just increase sales; it also improves your organic rank on Amazon. As Amazon sees more traffic converting on your page, your Best Sellers Rank (BSR) improves, leading to even more organic sales. One product’s average sales jumped from 11,000 to 14,000 a week after implementing this strategy.

Leveraging Cold Traffic for Amazon Trust

Cold traffic is more likely to trust and purchase from Amazon. By leveraging this trust and directing cold search traffic from Google to Amazon, you can benefit from Amazon’s high conversion rates and lower your overall CAC. Moreover, you can entice customers to return to your site by offering discounts on their next purchase, effectively converting Amazon customers into direct buyers.

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The Future of Keyword Optimization

The future of this strategy lies in further keyword optimization. By distinguishing between searches for “Amazon ice roller” and “ice roller,” for example, you can tailor your tracking and optimize your ads for each specific search query, leading to more precise targeting and better conversion rates.

A New Era of Google Ads Strategy

By sending cold search traffic to Amazon, you’re not just making sales; you’re building a more consolidated and measurable ecosystem for your business. This strategy is about leveraging every aspect of your digital marketing spend, including Amazon, to scale effectively. If you’re ready to revolutionize your Google Ads strategy and harness the power of Amazon branding, it’s time to embrace this innovative approach.


Ashleigh is a Content Writer at Solutions 8. When she isn’t writing, you can find her in the Alps sipping the finest wine, walking in the mountains, or admiring the crystal blue waters of the river flowing near her home. She’s an avid Pokemon card collector and a massive fan of anything that screams ’90s nostalgia.

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