Kasim to Speak (For the Third Time!) At Ad World 2023

Last updated by Bryan Caranto, March 23, 2023

Are you looking to stay up to date with the latest trends in marketing and advertising? 

Do you want to network and connect with leading marketers and brands worldwide?

If so, then you’re going to love one of the largest advertising events in the world: Ad World 2023

What is Ad World?

Ad World is a yearly conference that brings together the best professionals in advertising, marketing, and technology industries to teach the strategies, processes, and templates used by the top 1% of advertisers today. 

This conference features keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities for attendees to learn, share insights, and connect with others in the industry.

From topics like content marketing, media buying, and ad creatives to brand building, conversion optimization, email & SMS marketing, and AI in Advertising, this huge event will help you gain new skills and knowledge to take your business to new heights!

At Ad World, you can attend workshops and connect with other top marketers and brands. Plus, have the opportunity to showcase your brand and promote your products or services.

Join 20,000+ of the world’s brightest minds in advertising to learn, share secrets, and connect online!

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Kasim Aslam Ad World AI in Advertising track

Did we mention that our founder and CEO, Kasim Aslam, is returning (for the third time) as a keynote speaker?

Yep–and he’s talking about The Future of AI & Machine Learning in Advertising. More specifically, how AI and machine learning impacts your media buying efforts. Join Kasim as he dives deep into sharing his knowledge on how to use AI without risking automation implosion.

When and Where

This event will be aired online on March 29-30, 2023! Ad World will stream 7+ Digital Advertising Tracks, consisting of hyper-focused speeches, panels, and live Q&A sessions to help take your business to the next level.

Get proven strategies and systems, and discover insider secrets used by expert advertisers across every major marketing channel. Get access to 30+ hours of hyper-focused speeches, exclusive interviews, and in-depth panels all about the hottest topics in digital marketing!

Don’t miss out on this two-day immersive advertising experience tailored for professionals at all career levels. Attend panel discussions, hear case studies from marketers who lead successful campaigns with AI & ML technology, and connect online with thousands of global experts at Ad World 2023.  

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