Solutions 8 CEO Kasim Aslam and Chief Strategist John Moran Create “Paid Traffic Mastery” Course for DigitalMarketer

Last updated by Patience Hurlburt-Lawton, March 24, 2022

The newly available online certification teaches business owners, marketers, and agencies the core principles of running paid ads and how to confidently build and launch high-performing paid traffic campaigns. 

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (March 22, 2022) – DigitalMarketer has released a brand new training course for 2022 that provides a comprehensive understanding of how paid traffic works in the post-privacy world. Paid Traffic Mastery was developed by Kasim Aslam and John Moran of Solutions 8 and is currently available through the DigitalMarketer website.

“I think [paid traffic mastery] is the single-most important skill set a digital marketer can have,” says Aslam. “If you look at the amount of funds being invested in paid ads, it exceeds every other marketing initiative … because you get to move mountains when you learn how to run paid ads.” 

Delivering tried and tested strategies from expert advertisers, Paid Traffic Mastery consists of 7 modules (72 video lessons total) that introduce learners to the core concepts of paid traffic and guide them through the fundamentals of building a tech stack, streamlining ad creative, working with specific ad networks, and optimizing ads for scaling. 

Those who participate in the Paid Traffic Mastery course can expect to learn:

  • The basics of paid traffic, including the benefits and drawbacks of running paid ads
  • How to use both paid and organic traffic strategies to complement one another
  • How machine learning is used across all ad networks to ensure ads are seen by the right audience
  • Why your website, CRM, and analytics tools should be aligned to improve your paid traffic
  • How to use the four conversion triggers when designing your ad creative
  • The importance of optimizing your conversion tracking in Google Ads and Tag Manager
  • How to determine your bid strategy when it comes to Google, YouTube, and Facebook ads
  • The proper campaign structure for Google and Facebook ads
  • How to understand, measure, diagnose, and optimize your ads for scaling

In addition to Aslam and Moran, course instructors include Scott Cunningham, the founder and CEO of Social Lite, and digital marketing wiz Vanessa Vega. Throughout the training, key concepts are reinforced with the Paid Traffic Mastery workbook, which includes notes, tools, templates, and worksheets. Upon completion, users will receive a printable certificate as well as a digital badge designating their status as a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist. 

For more information, visit DigitalMarketer’s Paid Traffic Mastery page

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