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Solutions 8 Account Manager Frank Schaefer Loves the Commute, Hates Morning Meetings

But when you’re as important as he is, the meetings kinda come with the job. 

Frank is an account manager here at Solutions 8, which he says is like being a client manager, strategist, and specialist all rolled into one—for ALL of his clients. 

He officially became part of the team in Spring of 2022, but his journey started roughly a year earlier, when he took our You vs. Google course with the hope of sharpening his marketing and Google Ads skills. Then, after graduating from the University of Michigan, he saw that Solutions 8 was looking for a client manager. 

“I applied, interviewed, got the job, and dove in head first,” Frank told me.

Frank Travel

A day in the life

Frank says a typical day at work revolves pretty heavily around his inbox. 

Each morning, he begins by reading through his emails and addressing any questions or concerns from clients. Next, he checks in to see how the Google Ads accounts are performing, combs through search terms that need to be added to the negative keyword lists, adjusts budgets as necessary, and launches new campaigns to test. Other than that, he says, it’s a lot of meetings—which he is not a fan of first thing in the morning (totally understandable). 

Frank says the best part of his job is the feeling he gets when his campaigns knock it out of the park and make a huge impact on the client’s revenue. He also loves being able to “commute” 20 feet from the bedroom to his home office to start work in the morning. 

On the flip side, with everything he has going on each day, Frank says the most challenging part of his job is avoiding burnout. Juggling multiple clients at once means there is a lot of work to be done, but he strives to give each client his best work—and it shows. Recently, he helped one of his clients grow their Shopify store by 94% (YoY) in 2023, almost entirely with Google Ads campaigns.

Making the most of his down time

Frank Schaefer Michigan football

Not surprisingly, Frank stays just as busy outside of work. 

On weekends and days off, “I’m probably obsessing over my latest hobby,” says Frank. Over the years, that obsession has been everything from gardening and houseplants to aquariums and video games.

He also enjoys staying active, especially during the summer months. Frank’s activity schedule includes regular workouts at the gym, playing pickleball, hiking, biking (street and trail), training to improve his 100m dash, and even learning how to kick a proper field goal. 

In the winter, he says you can find him hibernating in his apartment, where he is likely dreaming up a new business plan that will “make me fulfilled and rich.”

Michigan, born and raised (Go Blue!)

Frank was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA) and says his family moved a few times before finally settling in Fenton. He lived there until his early twenties, and he and his girlfriend now live across the state in Holland. It’s just a few minutes away from Lake Michigan, where they like to spend as much time as possible during the summer months. 

Head west just a bit and you’ll find Frank’s favorite place he’s ever visited: Badlands National Park in South Dakota. “I went there when I was 13 on a road trip and I had the time of my life,” he shared. 

And speaking of travel, he would love to visit Germany and Austria. 

“The Austrian towns set at the base of the Alps are gorgeous. My grandmother was born in Austria when her family was fleeing from Ukraine in the 1900s. Also, the other side of my family comes from Germany, so I’ve always been fascinated by going there. I like the language a lot too,” says Frank.

Snorkeling at Reef in Dominican

Fun facts: Frank edition

Frank’s go-to karaoke song would probably be something by the Eagles, possibly “Take It Easy,” or “Toes” by Zac Brown Band. 

He says he’s terrible at reading books and can’t remember the last one he finished, but the last podcast he listened to was Operators, which is all about operating DTC eCommerce brands. (This comes as no surprise when you consider that Frank’s dream job is to be the founder of his own eCommerce brand.)

He recently started watching The Vampire Diaries with his girlfriend and thought he would hate it but says it’s really entertaining! 

If money were no object, Frank would buy his dream house—something beautiful, on a couple of acres of land, where he could have his own gardens, a mini fruit orchard, chickens, and a pond. And also, a McLaren 720S. (Because ya gotta be able to get to and from the dream house, right?)

Finally, he says proper woodworking is a skill he has always wanted to learn and believes it is one of the best skills a person can have. “I want to be able to think of a project idea, create the plans, and put together something beautiful all by myself,” he told me. “Right now I don’t have the tools or space where I can work. Someday I’ll have a nice shop area!” 

For someone whose #1 goal in life is to be the very best version of himself, I’d say Frank is doing a pretty great job.


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