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Jac of all Trades: Solutions 8 Graphic Designer Jacqueline Chan Talks Creativity, Quarantine, and Keeping it Real

When I say that Jac—as she prefers to be called—is a nerd girl after my own heart, I mean that as the highest compliment.

She loves Westworld and The Walking Dead.

She’s a sucker for a good YA novel. (That’s young adult, for all you non YA readers.)

She used Mjölnir and Stormbreaker in a sentence when explaining to me why Thor is the strongest Avenger. (He is a god, after all. Plus, yes, Chris Hemsworth is dreamy.)

And she can quote all of Jack Sparrow’s lines from every Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

I mean come on.

If she didn’t live so far away and if the world wasn’t in lockdown mode, those of us close enough would all be inviting her over for the game night. Amirite??

But I digress.

Jacqueline Chan

Jac joined the Solutions 8 team as a graphic designer in early 2020.

After wowing our leader Kasim with a few preliminary projects, she was hired, and these days you can find her hard at work putting together whitepapers, brochures, flyers, and other print and online projects for Solutions 8 clients.

She says the best part of her job is getting to meet so many of our diverse clients, all of whom have different ideas and styles, and being able to deliver exactly what they need.

“To be honest, the best feeling is when the client loves my work and I was able to help them with what they were looking for … what’s important is that I am able to convey the thought and message through design.”

Jacqueline Chan

She says it’s her dream to own a mobile digital agency.

“I guess that’s the reason why I chose to work remotely,” she told me. “Because I love to manage my own time. My father owns a printing business and I grew up knowing how things work there—it would be great to continue his business and make it bigger.”

And speaking of dad, Jac lives with her parents in Davao City, Philippines, where she returned after getting her Advertising Arts degree in Manila five years ago. An only child, she says she’s very close to her parents and credits them for her maturity, her independence, and her generosity.

“My parents taught me how to be a giver,” says Jac. There’s a misconception that if you’re an only child you’re selfish. That’s why they raised me to give and share to others what you have, especially to those who need it.”

Jacqueline Chan

Jac also loves gardening, hanging out with friends, and visiting her favorite local beach.

Though COVID-19 restrictions have kept her indoors lately, when life gets back to normal she hopes to see her friends again and take the 15-minute drive (plus a quick boat ride) to the nearby Island Garden City of Samal, which she says is one of the best beaches in the world. (I Googled it; it looks amazing.)

But for now, as a self-proclaimed introvert, Jac is definitely making the most of her quarantine time.

“I love spending my time with myself at home,” she told me. “My family and friends think I’m super sociable though. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out too, on weekends LOL, but it really comforts me when I’m doing the things I really love doing alone.”

Jacqueline Chan

Those things include binge-watching her favorite shows and movies, reading books, and spending time tending to her mini succulent garden. She’s been collecting plants for two years now and says it gives her comfort.

Did I mention she loves ABBA?

Jac told me, “I grew up listening and singing along to Abba. My mom and dad are karaoke lovers so I’m one too!”

So… maybe karaoke night instead of game night? Who’s in?


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