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Senior Specialist Abhishek Chaurashiya Shows Us How Impactful Quiet Calm Can Be!

Abhishek Chaurashiya has been working at Solutions 8 for two years and we’re happy to say our Senior Specialist is still in the honeymoon phase with this fantastic company. As a dedicated specialist collaborating with a super strategist team, he has plenty of opportunities to manage our large spend accounts. And as he consistently proves, he handles all of his campaigns with aplomb.


Abhishek during a road trip to Umling La

The Advantages of Patience

There are two personality traits that give Abhishek the edge when he’s at work. Whether it be stressful situations or big decisions, he believes patience and calm can help him deal with any obstacle that comes his way. When things don’t go as planned, Abhishek doesn’t lose his head or go into hyperdrive. He’s as cool as a cucumber when there is a lot on his plate.

Om Shanti

Abhishek showing his inner calm

Let’s Start at the Beginning

He was drawn to our company after seeing a post on LinkedIn. The job duties and flexible working hours struck a chord within him. Working from home was the icing on the cake seeing as it was during the epidemic and, like so many, he did not want to go to the office. After checking out the Solutions 8 website and watching a few YouTube videos, Abhishek applied through LinkedIn.

Wall and Lake

Our Senior Specialist enjoying the sights of India

There was a bit of uncertainty when he thought he wouldn’t be hired after his first interview with Solutions 8.

“I got a mixed response from the Hiring Manager. He later gave me an assignment. I impressed him with the work I did in just 24 hours and he asked me to join Solutions 8 the next day.”

Joining the team as an intern in December 2021, Abhishek was promoted to Specialist within three months. Six months after that, he rose to the position of Senior Specialist. It’s his job to implement campaigns and provide key points of the performance to the Strategist.

Solutions 8 is a Dream Company


Abhishek checking out books

The best part of his job is being unrestricted in how he manages his time. At his previous workplace, there was the discomfort of having to work nightly to accommodate his 9–5 shift on the other side of the world. Now he has the freedom to work in his timezone if there are no pressing engagements. This gives Abhishek the added benefit of working ahead of schedule as well.

“I like the work environment, not just the CEO, but every single person here is so helpful and always respects the other’s work. Having a good work environment is the most important thing, I feel. Working with people who live in different countries is a dream of mine. I can talk with people living in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Mexico, Philippines, etc., and have a working relationship with them, too.”

Challenges? What Challenges?

Virat 18

Favorite Cricketer, Virat!

There are obviously challenges in life, and work is no exception. Abhishek puts a positive slant to his challenge: Everyone at Solutions 8 is looking to do their best and that means he must also give it his all. Providing clients with what they deserve keeps him on his toes, although we can imagine he does this exceptionally well. 

Our Senior Specialist appreciates how Solutions 8 is not a run-of-the-mill advertising agency. The people here are also thinking about how to grow the overall business. He must think outside the box since that’s where one gains an extra understanding of the market and business overall, he believes.

“To understand and learn all of this, you have to be in the present which is challenging, but in a good way.”

The Fun Stuff


A Beatles Fan

Let’s dig a little deeper into the personal side of our unflappable colleague. His favorite fictional character is Iron Man, whom he admires greatly. Why? Because he’s always looking for innovation and he thinks about the future. He has a pure heart and helps others. Sounds like someone we know!

He overuses the phrase “Let’s see” and his colleagues will no doubt attest to that. And then there is our insightful question about a dinner guest. Who would it be?

“I would invite Bhagat Singh. He was one of the most prominent and renowned freedom fighters in India. He was a socialist revolutionary who bravely fought for the independence of the country. So I think he would be a great, hilarious addition to my dinner party!”

As a Youngster

Enthusiastic Cricket Fan

Despite Abhishek’s devotion to his career, like so many kids, he wanted to be a sportsman when he was young. His parents had different ideas for him—as parents do—and luckily he was good at his studies. He was always fantasizing about becoming a cricketer—the man who patiently bats and gets a lot of sixes.

How does Abhishek keep on top of things regarding his workload? Stretching! Chai is also his go-to productivity trick if he needs an added boost of energy.

Abhishek lives with his parents and like a true son, he adores his mother’s cooking. Being a vegetarian he prefers simple foods. Lady Finger Vegetable & Roti—Indian bread—is what he likes most, served with a glass of buttermilk. Sounds delish!

The Importance of Family

Abhishek With His Soon-To-Be Wife

His father is a public servant with the Indian Government while his mother takes care of the family. Abhishek also has an older brother who manages a family resort. His parents taught Abhishek the most crucial lesson in life: how to respect other people. It’s a lesson he appreciates.

When it comes to sports, there is a hobby he would love to take up and that is swimming. It won’t be easy though.

“Unfortunately I still don’t know how to swim as I’ve never had the chance to learn. I don’t have a phobia of water. Whenever I get a chance to jump in, I do it with the life jacket. Swimming is the one thing I want to try in the near future.”

And Last But Not Least

Stones and Lake

At Sacred River Ganga in Uttarakhand

There’s a gorgeous corner of the world called Ladakh in the north of India, close to the Indo-China border. It’s a place of incredible scenic beauty. From rocky mountain ranges to valleys, from beautiful lakes to blue skies.

“I experienced everything on that journey. The best part is that most areas don’t carry phone signals, so you are cut off from the world. You’re left with just your boys.”

On the Road

Well, there you have it. Abhishek is calm and collected as always and Solutions 8 can only benefit from his cool approach to life.


Jani is a copywriter at Solutions 8 with a passion for short stories, dancing under the stars, and 80s pop music. Her soul’s purpose is to turn herself into a masterpiece. Her future is filled with green fields, flowers, sunshine, and poetry.

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