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Weekly Update: January 15 – January 19, 2024

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Newest YouTube Videos

Starting a conversation with a new client? Don’t miss this quick guide on what to do during your first call! Join Daniella Fisher, one of our awesome Client Managers, as she dives into the crucial to-dos that can set the tone for a successful client relationship.

Kasim and Ralph discuss how YouTube has the potential to become the primary social platform for creators. They highlight the vast traffic on YouTube compared to the number of creators, emphasizing its untapped potential.

Kasim and Ralph discuss that the days of info marketing are over. People paying for information are numbered as free content on platforms like YouTube becomes increasingly prevalent.

Articles & Podcasts

Dive into a case study that illustrates the power of meticulous keyword analysis and how it can transform your campaign performance, ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment toward growth.

When is the right time to dive into deeper tracking and attribution tools? Let’s explore how the size, scale, and focus of your business impact this decision.

Ralph, Kasim, and Lauren bring the Traffic and Conversion Summit’s excitement from Las Vegas to the perpetual audience. They delve into key summit takeaways and emphasizes foundational marketing principles and the importance of customer research, mirroring the conference’s focus.

Big News & Upcoming Events

Our founder and fearless leader here at Solutions 8 just launched his Daily Newsletter.

Every weekday, you’ll get knowledge, tips, and lessons that Kasim learned from more than 17 years of being an entrepreneur.

Whether you’re a starting entrepreneur or marketer or seasoned pro in your industry, you’re going to get nuggets of wisdom that you can apply right now in your life and your business.

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Joan is the YouTube Growth Manager at Solutions 8. When she’s off the clock, you’ll find her chilling with her 10 fur babies, pushing her limits in CrossFit sessions, or basking in the serenity of the beach.

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