What is Exit-Intent software?

We’ve all experienced it, that semi-infuriating little box of disappointment that pops up when you try to leave a page. “Are you sure you don’t want what I just showed […]

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An honest review of Hot Jar

Do you have a website? You need to use Hot Jar .

No, I’m not a Hot Jar affiliate. They didn’t give us the tool to use in exchange for a review […]

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Solutions 8 Unit Pricing: No Estimates. No Ambiguity. Lots of Flexibility and Certainty.

You know what we don’t like? Charging clients by the hour. While sometimes it’s unavoidable, it just doesn’t feel like the best pricing system—you know? You should pay for results […]

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Indoctrination and Engagement Campaign Part Two: What We Need from You

Last week, I explained what an indoctrination and engagement email campaign is and why we use it at Solutions 8.Like I said last week, this email series makes it super […]

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Killer Subject Lines’ Not-So-Secret Weapon? Basic Psychology.

From a marketing standpoint, things would be so simple if our prospective customers were just blank-eyed, gape-mouthed fish, swimming around their pond with their fishy little desires and brains. All […]

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Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Step Three – Funnel Development and the Logical Sequence to a Sale

Our “Five Steps to Digital Marketing” blog series was created to detail the ways in which Solutions 8 helps companies maximize and realize their fullest potential. And because we like […]

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Need a Little Grease in Your Sales Funnel? Try Tripwires!

So you’ve done a great job developing and implementing your lead magnets and you’ve got some traffic coming into MOFU (Middle of Funnel). You can continue to nurture your leads […]

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The Solutions 8 Sales Funnel

We talk a lot about sales funnels with our Clients. So much so that I thought it was finally time that we took the lid off ours and sort of […]

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How to Sell a Good Night’s Sleep

When it comes to marketing campaigns, you’re not really selling tangible things.If you’re in the jewelry business, you’re not selling metals, you’re selling love. If you’re a realtor, you’re not […]

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Indoctrination & Engagement Email Campaign: What It Is & Why We Use it at Solutions 8

Great news! A potential customer just subscribed to your email list or opted in to your lead magnet.So, mission accomplished, right? You have the contact—but now what?

Long gone is the […]

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