Laughter is Good Medicine and Good Business

Do you ever wonder how you can make your products or services more interesting? Do all your competitors look and sound alike?

Subways in Anthem, Arizona use local resident, social media, and laughter to drive people to their website and restaurants.

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Calling Your Customers to Action

Last year my Christmas included absorbing the runaway best-selling book, “The Shack,” a somewhat controversial novel that portrays God in an unconventional way amidst the backdrop of a family’s tragedy. Intrigued, I did some searching on the web, and I found a blog by the book’s author, William P. Young. Though the writing was fascinating […]

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Spread the Good Word!

I have a friend who runs a little audio studio in Atlanta, Georgia, and after reading his bio and hearing his music demonstration track, I realized that this guy is a total pro. He has sound mixing abilities and technology that far surpasses most of his competitors. And his website isn’t bad, either. He has […]

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Harnessing the Power of Social Media

On February 11, 2011, Egypt’s president Mubarek stepped down, and the crowd of freedom demonstrators in Tahrir Square celebrated the moment in a way that was unique to most political uprisings in the region. The people in the crowd were holding up mobile phones to take pictures, and they were texting and tweeting about the […]

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Getting Started Part Three: Mobile

Getting Started Part Three: Mobile


Follow best practices…check!

What’s next?

Before we saddle up the horse and go gallivanting off into the mystic world of social media we need to make one very important stop.

There are five times as many mobile browsers in operation today than there are computers. Chances are you’re reading this at least a few […]

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Getting Started Part two: Website Best Practices

Our last blog was a brilliant and poetic dissertation on the first steps to take when embarking on the grand sojourn that will be your digital marketing strategy…or something like that.

Basically we’re trying to drive home the point that your website needs to be the center of your digital marketing strategy and that, until you […]

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What on earth is Pinterest and how do I use it?

I’m sure you’re well aware of the newest social media platform to hit the inter-webs. Trailing far behind Facebook’s 7 billion monthly visitors and sneaking up on Twitter’s 182 million monthly visitors, Pinterest is the third most visited social-networking site in the country in terms of aggregate traffic, with 104 million visitors last month, and […]

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The Pages of the Future

Our eyes scan the paper intently, reading and re-reading every paragraph we have just penned; hoping it will get better with time and repetition. We stare intently at the drawing we have just finished, all its imperfections and flaws seem to reach out and slap us in the face. A true artist, a true writer […]

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Viral vs. Virtue

“Come here, you’ve got to see this.” “No, just go to YouTube and type in….” “Hey, check your email; I just sent you a link, it’s a video. You have to watch it.” This is the beginning of going viral, sharing and starting conversations. The definition of viral tends to be vague. Unlike gold and […]

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Getting Started Part Four: The “F” Word


Hopefully we are well past the “but why do I need a Facebook page?” phase you went through not too long ago. If not please abandon all hope of digital marketing success and have fun designing your next few yellow page ads!!

You’re now in a whole new place. You know you need it; you even […]

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