Why You Need a Digital Marketing Partner and Not Just Another Service Provider

Digital marketing is a broad term. So broad, in fact, it can get really frustrating when you start looking for the “right” digital marketing partner for your business. Everyone approaches […]

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Facebooks Ads Conversion Tracking: Should I Use Standard Events or Custom Conversions?

Running Facebook Ads without utilizing some form of conversion tracking is a truly catastrophic error. Facebook’s ad management mechanism is built around the ability to dynamically conversion optimize your ads […]

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Using Infusionsoft for Sales & Process Management

One of the more extraordinary things about Infusionsoft as a tool is the ability to trigger automation using the “Opportunities” goal within the campaign manager. A pretty significant limitation of […]

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A Guide to PPC for Manufacturing Companies

From assembly to machining, leaders in the manufacturing industry are looking to optimize performance, implement agile methodologies like LEAN and Six Sigma, and increase efficiency in every step of the […]

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Facebook Ads: The Importance of Quality Advertising

Something is happening.
Facebook has been around for the internet’s version of forever, right? And yet, suddenly your inbox is cluttered with invitations to webinars on Facebook ads. You hear more […]

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Click-Through Rate: Why It Matters

Having a higher click-through rate is essential to your PPC success, as it directly affects how much you pay each time someone clicks your search ad—as well as your overall […]

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Keywords and PPC: How It Works

Search engines, such as Google, match the words typed into the search box to find the most relevant results, including organic results or paid advertisements.For your ads to appear on […]

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Choosing the Right PPC Manager for You

As a business owner, you know it’s crucial to save money wherever you can to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. With the seemingly never-ending expenses of running a business, […]

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Why You Need Visme as Part of Your Content Creation Plan

Content may be king, but there are times when your infographics and presentations may leave you feeling like the court jester. Creating pieces that your audience will not only appreciate, […]

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A New Look at Facebook: What Optometrists Need to Know

If you’re looking to increase your customer satisfaction while reaching new prospects, look no further than Facebook. The site you’re most likely using personally brings businesses a tremendous potential for […]

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