Click-Through Rate: Why It Matters

Having a higher click-through rate is essential to your PPC success, as it directly affects how much you pay each time someone clicks your search ad—as well as your overall […]

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Keywords and PPC: How It Works

Search engines, such as Google, match the words typed into the search box to find the most relevant results, including organic results or paid advertisements.For your ads to appear on […]

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Choosing the Right PPC Manager for You

As a business owner, you know it’s crucial to save money wherever you can to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. With the seemingly never-ending expenses of running a business, […]

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Why You Need Visme as Part of Your Content Creation Plan

Content may be king, but there are times when your infographics and presentations may leave you feeling like the court jester. Creating pieces that your audience will not only appreciate, […]

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A New Look at Facebook: What Optometrists Need to Know

If you’re looking to increase your customer satisfaction while reaching new prospects, look no further than Facebook. The site you’re most likely using personally brings businesses a tremendous potential for […]

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Marketing for Manufacturers: What’s Working?

Content marketing, perhaps the most effective marketing method, is making its way into the campaigns of manufacturing companies everywhere.
Here’s the issue: Content marketing is more than occasional blogging and social […]

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A Clear Look at PPC: What Optometrists Need to Know

What is PPC?
PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, has become a significant portion of the marketing budget of many small businesses, including optometrists. This advertising tool has been around for nearly 20 […]

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Integrated Marketing

The Six Components of Integrated Marketing
Marketing 101: you’ve got a Web site, opened a Facebook page, and signed up with an e-mail marketing platform. It’s great that your lists are […]

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Using UTM Parameters for Explosive Growth in Your Paid Advertising


Properly using UTM parameters is absolutely critical when it comes to assessing your marketing campaign in terms of the value it provides. What continues to shock me is how few […]

Medical Marketing Mistakes

The 21 Marketing Mistakes Medical Practitioners Make—and How to Fix Them
Before we get started…
WARNING: If you are easily offended please skip the introduction.

I’ve been doing this for ten years and, […]