The Weekly 8 That Rate: Website Functionality, Build-A-Newsletter and Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Hi, Everyone!

Get ready for some website functionality, newsletter blueprints,  rock-bottom costs-per-lead and a few social media mistakes you may or may not be guilty of . . .



1. 1000 lb. […]

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How to Build the Perfect Email Newsletter

In part one of this two-part series, Why Your Company Needs an Email Newsletter, we covered the types of things you’ll get back from your customers if you provide them […]

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The Weekly 8 That Rate: Sage SEO Advice, Getting the Customer Reviews You Deserve, PPC Prowess and B2B Content Fun!

Hey Everyone,

Today we’ve got some SEO insight, a valuable suggestion about customer reviews, another tale of PPC success and some B2B content ideas that officially renounce all that is dry […]

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The Thought Leader Diaries: Part Three

Here we are with another chapter of The Thought Leader Diaries: What Am I Doing?

 Here’s the deal:

I’m not clueless about how to be a thought leader; just like I’m not […]

New trend shows how Montessori Schools have been growing enrollment with Facebook Marketing

Millions of Advertisers every day flock to Facebook, trying to hock their new pore cleanser, fidget spinner, or push their next new fake eyelash set on to their old high […]

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The Weekly 8 That Rate: A Must-Hear Podcast, Crazy-High CTR and the Skinny on Influencer Marketing

Hey, Everyone!

Hope you’re down for some UTM parameter talk!  Oh, you’re not? Well, you can skip it at your own risk. Otherwise, we’ve got some podcasted wisdom from our own […]

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Why Your Company Needs an Email Newsletter

Your company needs an email newsletter because you care about your customers and you want to give them something good and useful. There. That’s it. Blog over.

OK, it’s not over, […]

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The Weekly 8 That Rate: Find Out How Sending Your Own Email Newsletter Is Helpful to Your Customers

Hey Everyone!

So glad you’re back! Today we’re talking about the joys of being helpful, why you need your own email newsletter, the advertising budgets of small businesses and how heading […]

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How your competition steals your clients, before you even talk to them…

With so much competition in the current marketplace, it’s paramount that you become and remain the “Thought Leader” in your industry through written content. Not only that, continued content creation […]

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The Six Avatars of Medical Device Content Marketing

Medical device marketing isn’t easy. How’s that for the understatement of the century? One of the core complexities surrounding digital marketing for medical devices is attempting to answer one important […]

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