5 Ways to Market like a Neuroscientist


In today’s society, the average person sees around 5000 marketing messages per day. That’s 208 every hour. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. In a world full of so much […]

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This is the #1 client request of all Medical Device Manufacturers

According to a recent study, the number one request physicians have for medical device manufacturers and distributors is that they provide more information on the devices they sell.

More specifically, medical […]

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Protect Your WordPress Website Visitors With Our “Privacy Checklist”

You’ve worked hard to craft your WordPress website into the compelling, trust-engendering, brand representative it was meant to be. Your website is your identity. But if it’s not a safe […]

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The Weekly 8 That Rate: Thought Leadership, PPC Wizardry, Getting Attention, and Customer Feedback Tips

Hey Everyone,

Today I’m leading with a rousing defense of thought leadership, then segueing nicely into a bit of PPC ingenuity, some tips on getting attention, the power of customer feedback, […]

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You’re losing customers and here’s why . . .

Did you know the human brain has only two primary functions? They’re very simple but they have radical implications for the ways in which we should be communicating and marketing […]

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The Thought Leader Diaries: Part Two

So, last time we talked about thought leadership, we drew this outline of what a thought leader looks like, right?

Basically, a thought leader creates stimulating content, listens to his or […]

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The Weekly 8 That Rate: “Search Stories,” List Building Funnels, and the Skinny on AdWords Extensions

Hey Everyone,

Happy Friday! Today’s menu includes commentary on the importance of “search stories,” the deets on our latest killer list building funnel, the skinny on AdWords extensions and an insightful […]

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PPC Management Alone is Not Enough

Running paid ads is hard.
The Google AdWord’s dashboard looks like something that can get you to space.

Facebook’s ad management tool has more cyclical logic than a politician on a […]

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5 Google Adwords Extensions You Should Start Using Today

Truth: using Adwords without adding extensions is like buying a gym membership and only using the leg press. Sure, you’re going to get some results, but only in the same […]

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The Thought Leader Diaries: Part One

I need to be honest for a minute.

I love writing. I love it so much I got my degree in it. Doing it for a living brings me limitless nerdy […]

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