Click-Through Rate: Why It Matters

Having a higher click-through rate is essential to your PPC success, as it directly affects how much you pay each time someone clicks your search ad—as well as your overall […]

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Medical Marketing Mistakes

The 21 Marketing Mistakes Medical Practitioners Make—and How to Fix Them
Before we get started…
WARNING: If you are easily offended please skip the introduction.

I’ve been doing this for ten years and, […]

Is it Time to AMP up Your Web Site?

On any given month, Google processes more than 100 billion requests for information – an extraordinary amount of data being sought, stored and crawled each day. More than half of […]

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Why Shopper Approved is the Best Way to Get Reviews

Customer reviews can come in many varieties. They might be in the form of a star rating, written reviews, videos, and more. Whichever form they take, customer reviews have a […]

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What To Do About Content Saturation

When you think about the sheer amount of content available on the web nowadays, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. How do you stand out in the mountain of content that […]

Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization: B.F.F.’s (Best Friends Forever)

Want to know a secret? Search Engine Marketing is one of THE best ways to acquire new customers. Period.

Here at Solutions 8, we talk a lot about SEO (Search Engine […]

Website Functionality: Are You Using Your Website To Its Fullest?

7 Key Steps to Functional Design

We talk a lot here at Solutions 8 about the one very important question everyone must ask before designing (or redesigning) their website − what […]

5 Absolutely Essential Elements of a Custom Website

There’s a lot more to a successful website than a pretty design.

Don’t get us wrong  ̶  we love pretty websites. But a custom website should do more than just look […]

Online Marketing: Getting Found Means Being the Answer

Life is all about the stories we tell. For businesses, reaching an audience means honoring this tradition by telling stories that readers will actually find compelling. It doesn’t matter if […]

Stop Trying To Do Everything!

Online marketing is hard.

It isn’t the technical requirements that make managing your digital presence difficult. Those are actually pretty easy to get past. As internet marketing matures, the tools required […]