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Marketing Automation is Only the Beginning: Why We Heart ONTRAPORT

Finding a good software solution is a lot like finding true love. You wait your whole life for the right one to come along, and then BAM! Love at first sight. For Solutions 8, it was ONTRAPORT. Like us, ONTRAPORT comes from humble beginnings: a startup founded in a backyard yurt (yep, we said yurt. […]

Email Marketing Metrics: What You Should Be Tracking and Why

Do you dare google it? Your fingers twitch before you type it. Who knows what can of proverbial worms this will crack open? “What metrics should my business track?” And—GAK!—there it is, exactly what you were dreading: a dizzying array of opinions from marketing gurus, E-commerce sites and…hey wait…did a precocious 7th grader write this […]
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