Facebook Ads – How to Optimize For Landing Page Views

Last updated by Patience Hurlburt-Lawton, July 28, 2017

Facebook has been continually developing the ad platform since inception. They have been continually adding new targeting capabilities, increasing their audience specificity and broadening their campaign objectives.

They have truly been able to give you a turn key tool to not only create your message and deliver it to your audience but can even find people who will engage with your ad based on what you want the Avatar to do.

For example. You can ask Facebook to only find people who will watch a majority of a video you post as an ad, or even run a like campaign, where Facebook will target people who have a habit of liking pages that they find interesting and engaging.

Well, with great power comes great responsibility. You must be careful that you choose the outcome you want your Avatar to take before you develop and run your ad.

If you have a video ad and want your audience to watch the ad and click on your call to action to go to your website, you will want to choose the ad objective for “Traffic”. But what happens if you want that traffic to go to a landing page, and not simply a blog post, or homepage of your website?

There is a new way to optimize your traffic campaigns. You can ask Facebook to only choose people who will wait until a landing page loads. It’s called Landing Page Views and the goal of this new feature is to help you increase traffic of people who actually arrive on your site after clicking on your ad.

You know how when you’re setting up your Facebook ads and at the Ad Set level, you get to choose what optimization you want that ad set to take?

Facebook ads landing page views optimization

This new Landing Page Views “optimization” option has been built to help you actually get people to your site.

A “landing page view” is when a person lands on a specific page of your site after clicking on your ad.

When your objective is set to “Traffic” and you optimize for “Website Clicks”, Facebook finds audience members that are most likely to click on your ad and navigate off of Facebook.

The following examples are of link clicks that may not result in an actual landing page view:

1: A person clicks a link accidentally and closes the page before it gets a chance to load.
2: A person clicks a link intentionally, but the page takes too long to load and the person closes it before it finishes.

Optimizing for landing page views is a way to improve the quality of the traffic your site receives as a result of your ads.

And, with landing page views you’ll also have more insight into whether your site is taking too long to load which should improve your site speed.

So there you go! Another helpful tip on how to perform your best within Facebook Ads!

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